George Najarian

George Najarian

George Najarian is an award-winning Armenian refugee who has educated thousands of Australians about refugees, raised more than $12,000 and launched two scholarships for them. As a public speaker on refugee issues, George has appeared on TV and radio stations across Australia.

He and his wife Carolann are widely recognized for their philanthropic leadership. They have made numerous trips to Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh to provide medical aid.

Early Life and Education

George Najarian was born in Oakland, California on February 7, 1932 and attended Oakland High School where he excelled at football, basketball and track. A two-time All-City selection, Najarian earned a place of honor among other notable alumni.

He then continued on to college football at the University of California Berkeley, where he earned a starting defensive lineman position. Additionally, he was selected for Canada’s All-Star game.

He was an inspiring public speaker and champion for refugees, working alongside Refugee Council’s Face-to-Face program to foster social cohesion and combat negative perceptions about migrants and asylum seekers alike.

Professional Career

George Najarian began his career as a systems analyst for the United States Air Force on satellite communications networks. Subsequently, he transitioned into land mobile and public safety communications, specializing in VLF/LF propagation.

He served as liaison rapporteur for ITU-R on ITS radiocommunication standards and has authored numerous technical papers. Furthermore, he participated in domestic preparations for both the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) and the World Adaptive Radio Communications (WARCs) conferences held under ITU-R auspices.

He and his wife have been engaged in a two-year legal battle against Grigor Igityan, an ex-Yerevan associate accused of defrauding them. Their case has been celebrated by the Diaspora community as proof that Armenian law and courts can be trusted.

Achievements and Honors

George Najarian achieved great success at Oakland High School, earning All City honors in football and basketball for two years, as well as track one year. Afterward, he continued on to Santa Rosa Junior College where he was inducted into their Hall of Fame.

He graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 1945, where he played on Pappy Waldorf’s first two collegiate teams and helped the Golden Bears capture a Pacific Coast Conference co-title. Subsequently, he attended medical school at UC San Francisco and went on to become an esteemed transplant surgeon.

He received many honors, such as the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 1999 and Boston University School of Medicine Alumni Association Humanitarian Award in 2004. Additionally, he was presented with “Vachagan Barepasht” by Artsakh President in 2019.

Personal Life

George Najarian is an American-Armenian philanthropist who has dedicated his life to human rights work. He served as chancellor of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese and founded International Orthodox Christian Charities.

He and his wife Carolann Najarian are proud parents of two daughters and reside in Washington, DC.

Najarian was a teenager living in Oakland, CA with his family. He was an accomplished athlete, playing football and basketball for his high school team as well as touring Canada as a basketball All Star.

He earned his degree from University of California Berkeley, where he played for legendary coach Pappy Waldorf. Subsequently, he served in the Navy and was stationed in Japan. Later, he taught and coached football at Hughson High School near Modesto.

Net Worth

George Najarian boasts a net worth of $50 million. He founded Mercury Trading, an options service, in 1989 which he later sold to Citadel in 2004.

His successful career has resulted in a considerable net worth. Additionally, he earns money through appearances on TV series and documentaries.

His net worth has primarily been generated through his career as a journalist. Additionally, he boasts an impressive list of awards and honors to his name.

He is an American news anchor and journalist best known for his work on CNBC. Currently the managing editor of CNBC Business News, he also co-hosts the popular CNBC show Squawk Box.

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