George Nesbitt

George Nesbitt

George Nesbitt was an extraordinary Black man living an extraordinary life in America. As an accomplished writer, his ability to convey his experiences through humor, wit, sadness, irony and sometimes anger was truly remarkable.

His book, Being Black & Somebody Besides, is an intimate multigenerational memoir that chronicles the aspirations, hardships and triumphs of a Black family during the twentieth century.

Early Life and Education

Nesbitt’s memoir tells the story of his family’s upwardly mobile Midwestern Black family, covering three generations and including everyday discrimination, the Great Migration, civil rights movement, Cold War America, education and professional accomplishments as well as lost faith in integration. With sharp insights, nuance and often humor he provides readers with a captivating account of their Midwestern upbringing.

George Nesbitt’s remarkable memoir vividly chronicles the life of his family during a relatively unknown era in American history. This first-person narrative spans three generations of Black Americans’ experience during this century, starting with the Great Migration and ending with the Freedom Struggle.

His writing is filled with humor, wit, sadness and irony – at times there’s even anger and frustration at the absurdity of living as a Black person in America. This book is an important contribution to Black history that should be read by anyone interested in learning about African-American lives in the U.S.

Professional Career

George Nesbitt was an entrepreneur and photographer. He founded a business in Blandford, Dorset and also operated a photography studio in Bournemouth, Dorset.

He was an active participant in his community, serving on multiple committees. Additionally, he took pleasure in charitable works and donated generously to numerous organizations.

In addition to his professional career, he enjoyed skiing and was an ardent family man.

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Achievements and Honors

George Nesbitt had an illustrious career as a professor of pediatric hematology and oncology at the University of Minnesota, dedicating himself to research and education related to histiocytic disorders.

He was also a close friend of Barack Obama, helping him set fundraising records during both his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. Additionally, he serves on numerous corporate boards and is an ambassador for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

He is an incredible storyteller who has captured the aspirations, injustices and triumphs of Black life in the 20th century. Filled with humor, wit and sadness, his tale spans three generations – from the Great Migration in 1906 to 1960’s Freedom Struggle.

Personal Life

Nesbitt’s remarkable memoir recounts the story of his upwardly mobile Midwestern Black family through three generations, beginning with the Great Migration and ending with the Freedom Struggle in the 1960s.

Nesbitt’s book is an inspiring and poignant study of Black life in America during this era. His tale is filled with humor, wit, sadness, irony and occasionally even anger – making it truly captivating reading for readers everywhere.

His stories are inspired by a lifetime of daily interactions with coworkers, government officials, landlords and ordinary people–the kind of experiences Du Bois describes in Black Metropolis. Here, Du Bois’ words about “twoness” ring true.

Net Worth

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