George Newell

George Newell

George Newell is an artist known for his paintings of animals, landscapes, genres and murals.

He is a renowned painter, as well as for his work in horticulture.

He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and had taught at Cal Poly Tech for two decades. In his spare time he enjoyed long distance biking, gardening, and wood working.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Peter Newell, who had been a student at the Art Students League in 1881, found work as an illustrator for periodicals. His straightforward line drawings with short whimsical rhymes appeared regularly in Bazaar (now Harper’s), Monthly and Weekly as well as other papers.

His humor ranged from broad to gentle pokes at popular stereotypes of the day, such as darkies and Irishmen. He often included animals, children and holiday themes in his cartoons – particularly Valentine’s and New Year’s Days.

In addition to his work for periodicals, Newell illustrated several books and produced illustrations for corporate advertising. One series, for Harper’s Weekly, chronicled the splendors of both World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago (1893) and 1900 International Exposition in Paris. Additionally, he created a line of patented novelty books targeted at young readers that featured unique formats to tell tales of mischief and mayhem: Topsys and Turvys, A Shadow Show, The Hole Book and The Rocket Book.

Achievements and Honors

Newell was an accomplished painter who frequently displayed at the National Academy of Design. He received several awards and was a member of Allied Artists of America.

He was an influential figure in computer science and cognitive science, with his research covering a diverse range of topics such as list processing, hypertext systems and psychologically based models of human-computer interaction.

He received numerous honors, including the Allen Newell Award for his groundbreaking work in social and information networks, link analysis and data science. Furthermore, he served as president of both the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Society.

Personal Life

George Newell lived a fulfilling and active life. He enjoyed fishing, boating and golfing with friends.

He cherished spending time with his family. A dedicated husband, father and grandfather, he enjoyed every minute of life.

On October 3rd, 2015 he tragically passed away from ALS. His presence in his community will be greatly missed by his wife Anne and children Chris and Amy Langley.

In 1996, he left Microsoft as a “Microsoft Millionaire” and co-founded Valve Corporation with co-worker Mike Harrington. Together they created Steam, an iconic digital game distribution company that has grown into one of the world’s largest.

Net Worth

George Newell is one of the richest men in video game industry and co-founder and CEO of Valve Corporation. This company created digital download platform Steam, used by PC gamers to purchase titles like Counter-Strike or Half-Life.

Forbes’ 2017 ranking of America’s wealthiest people places him joint-97th with a net worth of approximately $5.5 billion, an enormous rise from his estimated net worth in January 2017, which stood at just over $4.1 billion.

Newell is a former Microsoft employee who left to create Valve with Mike Harrington. Their success with the Steam platform has resulted in Newell’s impressive net worth.

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