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At the 57th New York state wrestling championships held at MVP Arena in Albany, PJ Duke (138), Zack Ryder (160) and Ethan Gallo (215) all took home titles – giving Minisink Valley its third straight three-peat victory!

At 138 pounds, Duke defeated 2020 NYS DI runner-up George Oroudjov of Ithaca by disqualification due to multiple penalties. Oroudjov accrued several roughness calls that slowed Duke – who has gone undefeated this season!

Early Life and Education

During the American Civil War, George Oroudjov was born into slavery to Mary, an enslaved woman. Moses and Susan Carver raised George as a sickly and frail child.

However, the young boy was taught to read and fostered an early interest in plants and nature by working with his master at Carver Garden while exploring nearby woods and fields for specimens. Ultimately, he attended Minneapolis High School in Kansas, working as a farmhand while earning his high school diploma.

Today, Vougar Oroudjov – a former national team member of the USSR – enjoys an illustrious career as an Olympic bronze medalist, two-time freestyle world champion, European Games champion, Yurigan Champion and USRA National Kayak champion. Additionally, he has dedicated his life to serving children and his community by helping those from all backgrounds reach their full potentials.

Professional Career

A professional career is the series of jobs, titles and other activities a person pursues throughout their lifetime. It largely depends on the individual’s educational attainment, training and ambition.

George was raised in Butte, Nebraska – a small town of only 326 residents. He began as a carnival wrestler and eventually made it big into professional wrestling as Gorgeous George, earning himself worldwide recognition as an iconic superstar.

As a professional wrestler, his primary objective was to garner fans’ attention. He succeeded in self-promotion and made friends with everyone from Hulk Hogan to “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Ultimately, he had an immense impact on professional wrestling and was one of its highest paid athletes.

Achievements and Honors

Vougar Oroudjov is a two-time Senior World FS Champion and 1992 Olympic Bronze medalist from Yeviakh, Azerbaijan. He now resides in New York City with his wife Zhanna Sarnauskaya of Masyr, Belarus.

He is a member of the American Water Polo Hall of Fame and has won numerous international competitions. Additionally, he is the grandson of Edris Oroudjov – a WWII war hero who died fighting Nazis during battle.

He has earned the title of NYS DI All-Star each of the past two years and was a finalist at the 2019 State DI Championships. Additionally, he has represented his country at several national teams; competing at Pan American Youth Games (2010) and 2014 respectively; being recognized as an All-American at both 2005 and 2006 World Junior Championships.

Personal Life

George Oroudjov, known to his friends and family as George, is an Azerbaijani born to Vougar Oroudjov – two-time Senior World FS Champion and Olympic Bronze medalist in wrestling. He shares his name with his grandfather Edris Oroudjov who fought for Soviet Russia against Nazi Germany during World War II.

Vougar is a successful businessman and accomplished photographer, having captured some award-winning photographs that have become public domain. His most prized possession is his collection of trophies – including the largest trophy for the winning team at the 2019 NYS Wrestling Championships. In his free time he enjoys running, reading classic literature, and belonging to an Ivy League alumnae fraternity. Lastly, Vougar is proud husband to three sons: Nick, Vitali, and George – whom he loves dearly.

Net Worth

George Oroudjov, better known as Tyrus, has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. He is an American actor and professional wrestler best known for his role as commentator for Fox News channel since 2016. Additionally, Tyrus can often be seen providing lighthearted banter on various television shows. Furthermore, he’s part of Total Impact Wrestling.

He is the proud father of two children, living with his wife Ingrid Rinck in California with their daughter Georgie Jane. Ingrid has extensive professional experience as both a master trainer and gym owner with more than 25 years of expertise; additionally, she founded five businesses alongside George over these past seven years. George enjoys spending time with his family when not traveling abroad for business ventures.

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