George Rahdert

George Rahdert – First Amendment Lawyer and Real Estate Developer

George Rahdert is a renowned First Amendment attorney with an impressive national following. Additionally, he’s an acclaimed real estate developer with an impressive portfolio of properties.

Rahdert often finds himself at a crossroads when city building codes clash with his plans for adaptive re-use. A recent meeting of the city’s downtown task force highlighted this challenge to him and other old-building renovators.

Early Life and Education

George Rahdert was raised in Ohio but has spent most of his adult life in Florida, managing real estate assets and developing a reputation as one of the area’s most successful developers. He’s renowned for repurposing historic structures such as the Sealtest Building and St. Pete’s original ice cream factory into commercial ventures.

His most intriguing project may be 453 Edgewater Drive, which he purchased last year for $3 million to renovate into a luxury hotel. Together with Mary Hollingsworth of Hollingsworth Development, they’re still planning the layout – 250 condos and hotel suites, three floors of parking, and fine dining have already aroused neighbors’ interest. He plans to meet with city officials next week to further discuss this ambitious venture.

Professional Career

First Amendment lawyer George Rahdert has achieved national prominence through his success in landmark cases that have transformed the legal system. Additionally, he owns a law firm that represents both Tampa Bay Times and Lutheran Church of Florida clients.

Rahdert, 52 years old and father of four, runs both his law firm and real estate development company. He puts in 12 hours a day at the law firm but spends his other eight working on property redevelopment.

City officials and longtime downtown redevelopment advocates such as former Mayor Robert Ulrich have closely observed Rahdert’s rehabilitation of buildings that are listed on county tax rolls as historic. Yet they also understand the challenges old buildings can encounter when trying to meet modern codes, particularly those requiring adaptive re-use of spaces.

Achievements and Honors

George Rahdert has achieved a number of remarkable accomplishments. He designed one of Florida’s largest public art installations, created numerous downtown landmarks and is an active member in his community. Additionally, George holds a highly-rated attorney license and owns an attractive office space located right in downtown St. Petersburg.

His most coveted accomplishment is being named to the 2006 Super Lawyers list – an honor bestowed upon only a select few of more than 10,000 attorneys in Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties. With a law firm to be proud of and an active philanthropist with a long record of giving back to the community, he has achieved much success over four decades practicing law. But most importantly, despite all that comes with being part of the legal community, his number one goal has always been keeping clients satisfied regardless of obstacles encountered along the way.

Personal Life

George Rahdert is a well-known First Amendment lawyer and owner of several properties in downtown St. Petersburg.

He serves as the managing partner of Rahdert Steele Bryan Bole & Reynolds PA, representing The Times Publishing Co. and the Lutheran Church of Florida.

In addition to his law firm, he runs a real estate development company with 10 employees. Their team manages 46 properties throughout Florida, including some downtown St. Pete locations as well as others throughout the region.

One of his major rehabilitation projects was the Alexander Hotel on Central Ave. It met two criteria for property acquisition: it was historic and cheap. In 1990, he converted the building into office space.

Net Worth

George Rahdert is an attorney with an estimated net worth of $3.5 million. He currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife and four children, as well as being an active historic preservationist restoring various buildings throughout Pinellas County. Public records reveal he has ties to 87 companies; including his brother Jacob Rahdert who owns several businesses himself. Furthermore, George has donated much of his fortune away to charity over the years.

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