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George Remy – Respiratory Therapist in PEMBROKE PARK, FL

Georges Remy is a premier Respiratory Therapist in PEMBROKE PARK, FL. A passionate professional with many years of experience under his belt, Georges strives to give his patients the highest quality care.

Georges Remy was inspired to make wine when he tasted someone else’s. After years of experimentation and hard work, he finally achieved success with his own Champagne production.

Early Life and Education

Remy was raised on the streets of McLean, VA where he developed an instinct to dodge bullets and get beat up frequently. As a result, Remy has endured many physical injuries over his lifetime.

He attended Churchill Road Elementary and Cooper Middle School, where he excelled as both an athlete and tennis player for the school team.

After graduating high school, he moved to Wheeling, WV to study at Wheeling Jesuit University and also took on a paid internship at WPIX-TV in New York City.

On his return home, he worked in the family vineyards as an assistant to his father. Drawing inspiration from Benoit Lahaye, he gradually reduced pesticide and chemical herbicide use on 4-6 hectares of grapes his parents had given him. Soon after, he began producing red wine and champagne in 2014.

Professional Career

Georges Prosper Remi was a Belgian cartoonist best known by his pen name Herge. He was born in 1907 in Etterbeek, Belgium and passed away on March 3, 1983 in Brussels.

Remy’s early interests in art and cartooning led him to enroll at Ecole Saint-Luc art school in 1925, but he left after attending only one lecture due to disinterest. Subsequently, Remy worked for ‘The Twentieth Century’ newspaper’s subscription division.

He then pursued a Bachelor of Technology in Viticulture Oenology at Avize and gained valuable work experience working alongside his father’s vineyard in Bordeaux, France. Ultimately, his love for Champagne brought him back home to Bouzy where he began producing red Coteaux Champenois wines.

His grapes are grown on 4.7 hectares spread out over 17 parcels in Ambonnay, Bouzy and Louvois. All vineyards are organically and biodynamically farmed with minimal use of industrial fertilizers.

Achievements and Honors

George Remy has always been a force of nature, an accomplished winegrower who understands the value of respecting terroir. Born and raised in Bouzy, he has taken up the challenge of crafting red Coteaux Champenois wines with great skill.

Georges Remy vineyards are situated in Montagne de Reims, France’s prime Pinot Noir growing region. Composed of 17 plots across Ambonnay, Bouzy, Louvois and Tauxieres appellations, their clay-limestone soils make them ideal for cultivating this legendary grape variety.

Georges Remy joined his father’s vineyards after earning both a baccalaureate in Reims and Viticulture Oenology BTS certificate from Avize. He was immediately inspired by the wines produced in this region.

Personal Life

Remy has experienced a life filled with heartache and disappointment. He has endured four bouts of cancer, the last one ending his career, as well as struggles with depression and anxiety for most of his adult life.

However, this year Remy has begun to make amends for his past struggles. He is finally coming out of his shell and sharing his story in order to help other people cope with their own difficulties.

Additionally, Remy is supporting Linguini and Colette in funding their restaurant La Ratatouille – inspired by Gusteau’s. Despite losing the restaurant to Skinner, Remy and Linguini work together to restore it.

Net Worth

Remy Ma is an accomplished rapper who was able to overcome her past and gain perspective. Today, she’s a successful artist with an estimated net worth of $4 Million dollars.

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