George Studios

George Studios in Vassiliki

George Martin, a former Beatles producer, opened AIR Studios on Montserrat in 1979 and quickly became the go-to destination for music artists looking to cut albums away from distractions in an idyllic tropical paradise.

At that time, musicians such as Duran Duran, Dire Straits, the Rolling Stones and many others recorded there. Unfortunately, Hurricane Hugo destroyed the studio in 1989, ultimately leading to its closure.

Early Life and Education

George was raised on a poultry farm in New Jersey, where he developed an interest in art. At nine years old, George began drawing for fun.

He then chose to enroll in a correspondence course through an art instruction school in Minneapolis and completed three paintings – a fruit still-life, a country road and two quail in a corn patch – all of which remain in his possession today.

George Rodrigue defied his parents’ doubts to attend college, majoring in fine art and minoring in mathematics. Along with painting, he also taught and coached at several schools. An advocate for art education, George has had a major influence on this field through his foundation The George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts (GRFA).

Professional Career

George Studios are situated in Vassiliki’s heart, providing a tranquil and quiet environment. This family-run self-catering complex consists of rooms that can accommodate from one person up to four guests. Each one is fully equipped with its own kitchenette, fridge and air-conditioning for added comfort.

Naxos Island visitors will love this idyllic location, offering stunning views of the sea. There are plenty of accommodations, camping sites, cafes and restaurants within reach.

George Studios strives to offer its guests a warm and comfortable stay. As a family-run complex of rooms, it features modern conveniences alongside classic Skyrian furniture.

Achievements and Honors

The Carbonell Awards honor local artists, musicians and cultural leaders for their outstanding accomplishments. Previous recipients include playwright Michael McKeever (2019); Gail Garrison – founding artistic director of City Theatre’s Summer Shorts Festival (2018); Kravis Center CEO Judith Mitchell (2016); Shirley Richardson & Patricia E. Williams – creative team behind M Ensemble – Florida’s premier African-American theater company (2015).

George Studios takes its name from an Old English combination of artist and studio, Limnerslease. This symbolises their hope that this house would provide a fresh lease on creativity for everyone involved. With its Arts & Crafts design aesthetic, spacious rooms, and light-filled terrace, George Studios truly inspires.

Personal Life

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Net Worth

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