George Stuteville

George Stuteville

George Stuteville spent over two decades as a reporter at the Indianapolis Star, covering more beats than an “Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida” drum solo. Later, he served as that newspaper’s correspondent in Washington D.C.

He worked for newspapers in Evansville, Indiana; Fort Kent, Maine; and Tell City, Indiana. As a reporter, his interest and love of people was evident.

Early Life and Education

George Stuteville was born in Evansville, Indiana and spent his early years growing up with three siblings. He developed an interest in sports and journalism that would later lead him into journalism.

He worked diligently to become an accomplished player and performer. In his free time he enjoyed playing his ukulele, gardening, and biking.

After graduating high school, he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps – a Depression-era government work program. Subsequently, he went on to study journalism at Martin University.

He had a career in journalism that included positions at newspapers in Evansville, Fort Kent, Maine; Tell City, Indiana; and Washington DC (where he served as Washington bureau chief for the Indianapolis Star for 20 years). After retiring, he and his wife Valerie May moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Professional Career

George Stuteville had an accomplished career as a journalist that spanned decades. His tenure included papers in Evansville, Indiana; Fort Kent, Maine; Tell City, Indiana; and eventually Washington, DC.

His professional life was marked by a deep appreciation of language and storytelling. Additionally, his enthusiasm for sports made him the ideal reporter.

After 20 years with the Indianapolis Star, he served as their correspondent in Washington and earned multiple awards for his reporting. Upon retirement, he and his beloved wife Valerie May relocated to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Achievements and Honors

George Stuteville is a renowned figure in sports and journalism. As an accomplished retired journalist, he has achieved great success over his years of work.

He is renowned for his dedication and enthusiasm in writing, earning him numerous awards for his efforts.

He has worked for multiple newspapers across America, has authored many books and earned a reputation for his ability to effectively cover news events.

Personal Life

George Stuteville was a dedicated family man, enjoying time with his children. He also took pleasure in traveling and horse racing.

He was an active and proud member of his community, actively involved in many charitable endeavors. Additionally, he served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations.

His profession was journalism, and he held positions at newspapers in Evansville, Fort Kent, Maine; Tell City, Indiana; and Washington DC. Additionally, he had a knack for photography and writing.

One year ago, he retired from his career in the newspaper business and moved to Cape Cod with his wife Valerie May. He was a very content man, looking forward to many more years of living life to its fullest. Surrounded by friends and family, he wishes everyone all the best in their lives.

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