George Sutter

George Sutter

George Sutter was a successful and renowned businessman who made numerous contributions to his community. He was widely known for his integrity and hard work.

Sutter was an inspiring pioneer who brought people from Europe to America and assisted them with their settlement. Though his life had its share of ups and downs, Sutter never lost hope – optimism fueling him forward to success.

Early Life and Education

Sutter arrived in California carrying a carpetbag full of letters that made him appear like an outrun bankrupt shopkeeper. But over the years that followed, Sutter transformed himself into a man of note.

He achieved what many others had failed at, creating the first permanent farming settlement in what is now California and creating a fort to protect it from Indian attacks. Constructed out of adobe bricks with an enclosed central building and workshops, his fort was truly remarkable.

He recruited Native Americans, Hawaiians (Kanakas) and Europeans to work at his fort in order to create an utopian society of agricultural agriculture. Additionally, he served as a benefactor to the Donner Party when they were stranded at his fort in 1846, providing them with supplies.

Professional Career

Sutter achieved great success in the aviation industry. His work at Boeing culminated with the construction of the 747 jumbo jet, then the largest airplane ever produced.

Sutter also served as a consultant to several aerospace companies on their projects related to aircraft design. Furthermore, he authored 22 books and contributed hundreds of articles.

Sutter’s professional career also included government service. He worked as a specialist at the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division of the Congressional Research Service, served as senior national intelligence officer for East Asia and the Pacific, and served as professional staff member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Achievements and Honors

George Sutter was an exceptional individual who epitomized love, loyalty, integrity and generosity. His legacy will live on in both his family and friends’ memories as well as that of those around him.

He was an accomplished entrepreneur, business leader and philanthropist. Additionally, he was a loving father and dear friend to those around him.

He served as president and CEO of Northern California’s not-for-profit Sutter Health network of doctors and hospitals, leading them to numerous state and national distinctions for clinical excellence and patient safety.

He has spearheaded multiple initiatives to provide quality healthcare and service more efficiently, leading to the formation of a network of 5,000 aligned physicians that follow national best practices. For his efforts, he was awarded both the Gold Medal award from the American Medical Association and a Lifetime Achievement Award from California Hospital Association.

Personal Life

George Sutter was a kind-hearted man with an infectious love for his family and friends. His quick smile and dry sense of humor quickly won over the hearts of all those he encountered.

Sutter, a former Major League pitcher, was an iconic member of the St. Louis Cardinals for four seasons and set an NHL record with 45 saves in 1984; helping his team capture victory at the 1982 World Series as well.

He was inducted into the American Baseball Hall of Fame, immortalizing his incalculable contributions to baseball. But most importantly, he will be remembered for his devotion to his wife Peg and family; a loving husband to Peg, proud father to Nan Alison Sutter Hayworth (Scott), beloved “Gramps” to Will and Jack.

Net Worth

Sutter is not only one of the world’s most renowned baseball pitchers, but an accomplished author as well. His books include The Secret of the Closer and The Art of Hitting, among many others.

Sutter and his wife Jayme Leigh are a happy family with three children: Ben Sutter, Chad Sutter, and Josh Sutter. They reside in Rocky Mountain Reno, Nevada.

He is an accomplished writer and actor with a net worth of $12 million. In addition to his creative endeavors, Sutter also holds American titles for screenwriting, direction, production, and acting roles.

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