George Sweet

George Sweet

George Sweet was a British painter and teacher, born in 1909 and passing away in 1997.

He attended the Slade with Henry Tonks, alongside founding members of Euston Road School.

He was an esteemed student, involved in all aspects of university life. As president of the University Women’s Association and representative on multiple national and international boards, his influence and contributions to academia cannot be overlooked.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Sweet’s professional career spanned five decades. He played in the Ukraine, Austria, Hungary, France, Greece, Italy and Iran before winning a SuperLeague championship in Russia.

Despite his success, the caddie from the rough side of town never earned any major sponsorships or endorsements. He made enough money to support himself and his family comfortably.

His wife Donna and their two daughters often joined him on tour. With a close family bond, they were able to weather both the highs and lows of his professional golf career together.

Achievements and Honors

George Sweet was a renowned botanist and educator, becoming the first black faculty member at Iowa State Agricultural College where he conducted field research in plant pathology and mycology.

Sweet’s accomplishments were numerous and he earned numerous honors. Additionally, he authored several books, including a history of geophysical exploration.

He was an upbeat, creative thinker who loved adventure. He traveled to six continents and scaled 49 states’ highest points. Additionally, he enjoyed reading books and sailing.

Personal Life

George Sweet was an accomplished painter and educator. He received his training at the Slade under Henry Tonks, alongside founding members of Euston Road School, before going on to teach at West of England College of Art in Bristol.

He traveled throughout Europe and acquired fluency in French, Spanish and Catalan. As a result, his realistic paintings were showcased at various exhibitions including the Royal Academy and other renowned institutions.

He remained involved in his community, serving on many commercial, civic and community-sponsored boards. A longtime member of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, he was an adoring father, brother and grandfather to three granddaughters as well as numerous nieces and nephews who survive him.

Net Worth

George Sweet is a musician and composer with an estimated net worth of $20 million. He co-founded and serves as the front man for Stryper, a Christian heavy metal band.

He is renowned for his solo work, having released 12 solo albums and working as a DJ.

His biggest hit was “My Sweet Lord,” and he also earned praise for his collaborations with The Beatles.

He has a long-standing history of addiction issues. Despite these hardships, he remains married to Lauri Peterson and they have one son named Josh Waring who also struggles with substance misuse issues.

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