George Valiotis

George Valiotis, E’09, is One of the Richest Greek-Americans

George Valiotis, E’09, has an ambitious plan for recycling glass. After successfully opening a small plant in Jersey City, he now intends to construct the world’s largest exclusively glass recycling facility in Andover, NJ.

Valiotis, a Greek native, has built his business upon an unwavering commitment to community. He funded construction of Holy Cross Church’s Efstathios and Stamatiki Valiotis Greek American School in Whitestone and recently transformed a former Jewish hospital into 700 affordable apartments in Crown Heights, New York.

Early Life and Education

George has been a resident of Manhattan’s whitestone enclave for over 70 years, earning himself numerous accolades. As the proud father to six kids and uncle to many more, as well as being an affectionate husband and doting father-in-law, his favorite pastime is golfing with the boys. A dedicated philanthropist, George has donated millions to local communities while enjoying Greek cuisine on multiple visits – which never fails him on special occasions! In his free time he enjoys reading a good book or playing golf.

Professional Career

George Valiotis has a distinguished record of successful real estate investments and business ventures. As president and founder of Alma Realty Corporation, an established landlord and real estate development company in the New York metropolitan area, George enjoys a unique perspective on these matters.

Over his career, he has amassed an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial properties across America, from multi-family buildings to ground-up construction, retail shopping centers to industrial/warehouse conversions.

George is the founder of Pace Glass, a world-wide recycling facility that exclusively recycles glass. His passion for sustainability and creating a reusable resource was spurred by his frustration that most glass facilities in the United States reject recyclable materials, leading to them being dumped into landfills.

Achievements and Honors

George Valiotis has long been a New York City resident and has made his mark in the business world. He’s involved in several high-profile projects such as opening New York’s largest bank and founding several companies.

He is renowned for his work in real estate, where he has been one of the industry’s premier players for decades. During this period, he has acquired and sold more than one billion square feet of commercial space.

In addition to his impressive real estate portfolio, he has made significant contributions to the community through charitable donations and public service awards. Additionally, he has taken advantage of New York City’s real estate renaissance by getting involved in projects aimed at revitalizing neighborhoods. As one of the founding members of Crown Heights Alliance – an organization dedicated to redeveloping the former Jewish hospital in Crown Heights into 700 units of affordable housing – he continues to stay abreast of developments within its borders.

Personal Life

George Valiotis is a renowned member of the Greek community in New York. He has supported the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church of Whitestone and been instrumental in converting a former Jewish hospital into 700 units of affordable housing.

He is the president of Pace Glass, a recycling company. Prior to founding Pace Glass in 2010, he served as president of development and acquisitions at Alma Realty Corp., an expansive landlord and real estate development firm in the tri-state area.

Net Worth

George Valiotis began as a dishwasher and busboy but today owns an expansive empire in real estate and business, becoming one of the wealthiest Greek-Americans.

He has amassed his fortune through Alma Realty Corporation, which manages more than 120 buildings and 6,000 apartments throughout New York City. Additionally, his portfolio includes conversions of industrial and warehouse buildings into luxury residential lofts.

He also owns Cumberland Farms, a family-owned gas station and convenience store chain based in Warren, PA. Restructuring of the company began during the fall of 2010 and it has seen steady growth ever since.

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