George Ybarra

George Ybarra – AAG Honoree

George Ybarra was a decorated US Marine Corps veteran who served during the Gulf War. As part of Task Force Ripper, his unit helped clear landmines along Al-Wahfra desert which divides Kuwait’s Southern border with Saudi Arabia.

He was a proud husband, father, grandfather and uncle who always felt blessed to be surrounded by family and friends. He had an infectious sense of humor and enjoyed telling tall tales with great fondness.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Ybarra served in the Persian Gulf War, clearing mines and delivering explosives on the front lines. Despite receiving numerous badges and medals during his service, he is facing deportation due to a criminal history related to mental health struggles and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by his service.

The government maintains that Ybarra has failed to prove his citizenship; however, an immigration judge recently acknowledged his status and ordered his release. This case serves as a stark reminder of how harsh policies can be against veterans with service in the military – especially those suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues.

Achievements and Honors

Each year, AAG Honors are presented for outstanding accomplishments by members of the Academy in research and scholarship, teaching, education, service to their discipline or public service outside academia.

The honoree can be either an individual or group. Regardless, they must demonstrate that they have excelled since receiving their previous award.

George ybarra was born in San Antonio, Texas and was a proud family man who cherished his wife, four children, and ten grandchildren.

He was an accomplished mechanic with a keen curiosity and love of machines that led him to build his dream project – a 1946 Indian Chief motorcycle from scratch. With great care and patience, he completed this ambitious undertaking. Additionally, his infectious laughter and kindhearted nature were passed along to those closest to him.

Personal Life

George Ybarra was a kind and gentle man with an infectious smile. He lived life to the fullest and treasured his family deeply. Additionally, George had an insatiable thirst for knowledge that never wavered.

In his younger years, he studied auto mechanics and worked on cars at his dad’s garage. With time, his skills developed into expertise in this area of repair.

Veteran of the Persian Gulf, Ybarra earned numerous badges and medals throughout his 26 year military career. His service took him to several duty stations around the globe.

After his discharge from the service, Ybarra experienced post-traumatic stress disorder and mental health difficulties. He repeatedly lost access to veterans’ services as well as economic hardship.

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