Georges Autobody

Georges Autobody

Early Life and Education

Georges autobody was born into a Hungarian Jewish family in Lugoj, Banat, now part of Romania. He attended school until 1723 when he began studying law. However, his interests quickly turned towards mathematics and other sciences such as natural history, astronomy and geology; additionally he wrote The Varieties of the Human Species (1749) about physical anthropology. Georges is widely credited with discovering binomial theorem and was an early proponent of evolution theory.

Professional Career

George was raised in an impoverished part of Ecuador, where he developed an interest and knowledge of the autobody industry through painting cars. After learning all the intricacies of paint application, he went on to work at various collision and autobody shops before enrolling in vocational school to receive certification as an auto body painter. Since then, George has been involved with repairing and refinishing vehicles for more than 10 years now.

He has created and refinished numerous custom automobiles and motorcycles. In particular, his expertise lies in crafting custom chopper projects.

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