Get Out Right Now

Should Jordan Peele Make a Get Out 2?

You’re probably familiar with the highly successful horror film Get Out if you love horror movies. Despite its modest $5 million budget, it dominated the film industry, earning more than $255 million worldwide. While the film missed out on the Best Picture Oscar, its creator and writer, Jordan Peele, won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, becoming the first African American to win the award. Although the film’s premise may not be new, it is a compelling and unique look at the history of African Americans in America. It was also released five years after Trayvon Martin’s shooting, which is a reminder of the dangers black men face in the United States.

Jordan Peele has made many films since the release of Get Out. Each of them offers a fascinating glimpse into his creative process. A sequel to Get Out could be a good idea, given the current political climate. Whether Peele chooses to do so remains to be seen, but his success has already earned him the right to capitalize on his huge following.

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