Get Your Popcorn Ready Terrell Owens Ending Retirement

Terrell Owens Ending Retirement

Terrell Owens, the NFL’s Terrell Owens, has been in the news for quite some time. He is inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is not only a great receiver but also has some of the most funny moments in recent NFL history. Terrell Owens is a great receiver, regardless of whether you are a football fan or not.

In 2010, Terrell Owens last played professionally with the Cincinnati Bengals, and had an incredible year with the team. He had 72 catches for 983 yards and nine touchdowns. Owens, who retired from the NFL in 1999, has been trying to make a comeback. He teamed up with Johnny Manziel to form the Zappers in a Fan Controlled Football league.

Terrell Owens, despite being 47 years old, says that he still has the speed and moves to play the NFL at his ripe age. He is also a bit irritated at the comparisons to Antonio Brown who is only a few years older. Owens stated that he is still in good shape and trains regularly and could be able to handle a limited role.

It’s unclear if Owens will be making his return or announcing his comeback, but it’s an excellent reason to get your popcorn ready. Owens, 48, has been out the NFL for nearly two years, but has been looking to return since his retirement in 2010. The Hall of Fame wide receiver in the NFL has been looking for a way of staying active for several years. For the 2022 season, he will be joining the Fan Controlled Football League in Atlanta.

Owens is also doing a public service announcement for the Thirst Project. This will be broadcasted live on fuboTV, and he’ll wear a microphone during the games to discuss his efforts. The public service announcement was made to raise awareness about the Thirst Project as well as to raise funds for it. The actor also appeared on Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently.

Terrell Owens doesn’t play in the NFL anymore but he is still working and busy with his mobile app and clothing line. He’s even doing his own workout video. But he admits that he misses the competitiveness of the NFL. He is content to be a celebrity for now.

Terrell Owens was not without controversy in his time with the NFL. Despite his controversial behavior, Owens was never jailed or charged with DUI. No matter how much you like his style, you can be certain that he will be remembered for his good work ethic and his ability to make people smile.

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