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Nils Lofgren Net Worth – Rock Guitarist Neil Young

Nils Lofgren is one of the few musicians who has managed to achieve fame both as a bandleader and touring guitarist. After founding his first band Grin during his late teens years, at 18 he joined Neil Young’s band, performing on After the Gold Rush and Tonight’s the Night albums.

Early Life and Education

Nils Lofgren began his musical studies as a classically trained accordionist before transitioning into rock ‘n’ roll through attending a Jimi Hendrix concert and later forming his first band Grin in 1968. Producer David Briggs eventually convinced Lofgren, then age 18, to contribute guitar and piano work on Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush album while touring with Young for part of his ’70s tour.

Lofgren uses his looper to craft an acoustic backing track before using harmonics that don’t conform to traditional arena-rock conventions on this live acoustic version of Girl In Motion from 1991’s Silver Lining album, playing over it with beautiful harmonics that defy what you might expect of arena rock music. At his Birchmere show this weekend he will be joined by both his brothers on bass and drums – check back here soon for details!

Professional Career

Lofgren emerged in Washington’s vibrant rock ‘n’ roll scene as an emerging talent at age 18, honing his craft at local clubs before embarking on his recording career with Grin. At 18 he earned himself a place in Neil Young’s legendary Crazy Horse band and went on to join Neil’s touring ensemble at age 24.

He remains one of the few multi-instrumentalists who has earned both success as bandleader and solo artist, earning praise both from peers and critics alike.

Speakin’ Out – On this studio track, Lofgren expertly integrates three distinct guitar approaches. Starting off with Dobro (he studied under one of its acknowledged masters), then moving into electric slide, before ending it all with harmonic tones for an outstanding tour de force performance.

Achievement and Honors

Lofgren was an integral member of Neil Young’s band Crazy Horse for many albums, taking on lead guitar duties on several. This live take of “Love and Only Love” captures all the interaction and off-the-cuff spirit of an early Crazy Horse performance.

Lofgren first gained notice during his early years playing rock music with Grin in Washington DC and appeared on Neil Young’s 1970 LP After the Gold Rush. Additionally, Lofgren played both keyboards and guitar for Young’s band during this period, touring alongside them several times.

Nils Lofgren has had a prolific solo career since 1975 when he released his self-titled debut album. Since then, he has released multiple other solo albums as well as touring with Ringo Starr and Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

Personal Life

Lofgren has made his mark as one of the go-to second guitarists for some of rock music’s most revered figures, such as Robert Plant. Additionally, Lofgren boasts an impressive solo record and can add flair to his shows through impressive stage acrobatics.

Lofgren was one of the founding members of Grin, a proto-power trio known for their heavy riffs. He sang on their 1970 album After the Gold Rush and played piano on their 1973 LP Tonights the Night; additionally, he toured with Neil Youngs Crazy Horse band.

Lofgren joined the E Street Band after Steve Van Zandt decided to pursue solo musical ventures, becoming an indispensable member. Lofgren quickly developed into an integral component of its sound with his devoted following; additionally he released multiple solo albums as well as a 26-second commercial jingle for Jhoon Rhee taekwondo studios.

Net Worth

Nils Lofgren has amassed an estimated net worth of $20 Million. He is best known for his collaborations with Neil Young and Crazy Horse as well as solo musical releases.

At age five, Lofgren began playing accordion but later switched his focus to guitar and piano. By 1968 he had formed his first band Grin with bassist George Daly and drummer Bob Berberich from DC area group the Hangmen as its members.

In 1984 he joined Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band where he still performs to this day. Additionally he has performed with Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band as well as various artists.

He has released several solo albums and is known for his energetic stage antics during concerts. His most recent effort, Sacred Weapon, features guest appearances by both David Crosby and Graham Nash.

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