Gwyneth Paltrow Heart Necklace

Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Jewelry Collection

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most stylish women around. She has a penchant for classic, casual looks, which she often pairs with clean denim and pendant necklaces. Whether it’s a tuxedo or a frock à deux, she knows how to dress up. Earlier this year, she revealed a little about her 1999 Oscars dress, which starred a sexy pink gown from Ralph Lauren.

In February, Gwyneth launched her own jewelry line through the webzine Goop. As the name implies, the collection is geared towards the minimalist crowd, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a snazzy look. It contains seven pieces. They include the star of the show, the Juliet Bracelet, a gold chain necklace with an engraved heart, and a dazzling set of earrings. The aforementioned earrings are encrusted with nine diamonds.

For the price tag, the necklaces and earrings aren’t for everyone. Luckily, Goop has a few less expensive options. The BFF heart necklace, for example, costs $165. You can find it on the company’s website. Other pricier offerings include a bespoke charm necklace, the aforementioned bling bling, and a pair of crescent shaped hoops.

The Juliet Bracelet is also worth a mention, as it features a heart, a star, and a few other baubles. It is adjustable from six and half inches to seven and a half inches. There are also some nice details on this piece, including pink platinum cultured freshwater pearls and a star engraved on the reverse.

The best part is, you can wear this necklace with anything. The heart is a little large, but it’s not hard to adjust it to fit. If you don’t mind a smidge of bulk, this is a sexy piece. And with Gwyneth as its ambassador, it’s a safe bet you’ll get a lot of attention.

The most elegant of the chain necklaces is the BFF heart necklace. The company claims that the item was inspired by a piece of jewellery crafted for Gwyneth’s late father Bruce, who died of pneumonia at age sixty-two. Considering the fact that the family was so close, it’s no wonder that this necklace has a special place in Gwyneth’s heart.

It’s hard to tell whether Gwyneth would have chosen the most elegant of her new pieces had she asked. However, she definitely has a knack for the sexy and a fondness for the bling bling. Hopefully her new line of Goop jewelry will prove to be just as impressive as the sexy sexy outfits she’s been sporting lately.

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