Gymnanthes Lucida

Gymnanthes lucida (or Shiny Oysterwood or Crabwood), is a medium to large-sized shrub or tree found throughout Florida, the West Indies, Mexico and Central America in subtropical moist hammocks. It is dioecious with both staminate flowers borne in terminal and axillary racemes and carpellate ones occurring in groups of three with bract subtendence.

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Gymnanthes lucida is a medium-sized tree to small shrub native to Florida’s coastal hammocks and boasting gray to reddish brown trunks topped by oval to oblanceolate leaves that feature shallowly toothed margins; newly emerging leaves often display red hues when first created.

This species is dioecious and produces male and female flowers on separate plants, each featuring scalelike bracts that cover individual staminate flowers or groups of three carpellate blooms to form capitulum-shaped clusters arranged terminally or axillarily racemes; its fruit is a green capsule.

Gymnanthes lucida thrives in gardens and can serve as an accent, specimen, or ornamental tree. Additionally, this tree can also provide shade or windbreak in parking lots or home landscaping projects.

Personal Life

Oysterwood (Gymnanthes lucida), is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to coastal hammocks in southern Florida and the only member of its genus Gymnanthes found within the United States. As it’s dioecious with male flowers appearing in terminal and axillary racemes while carpellate flowers appear in groups of three, its fruit is a green capsule which opens upon maturity; leaf extracts have shown to contain various phenolic compounds with antioxidant properties while showing higher activities on DPPH, ABTS, ferric reducing power than ascorbic acid; while Ellagitannins and coumarins account for most of total phenolic content content than ascorbic acid.

Its erect trunk features gray to reddish-brown bark that flakes away to expose its light brown inner bark, while leaves are elliptic to oblanceolate with distinct, round bases and shallowly toothed margins.

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Gymnanthes lucida is a small to medium-size tree or shrub native to coastal hammocks in Florida, boasting a 10-to-25 foot trunk that bears smooth leathery leaves with entire or toothed margins that range in color from dark green to reddish hues and produce inconspicuous flowers and fruits that produce inconspicuous flowers and fruits. Gymnanthes lucida makes an attractive accent or specimen tree for front yards, native plant gardens or parking lot buffers or strip malls as hedges against parking lot buffers or strip malls due to no-choice tests that showed G. fusca larvae fed leaves from Chinese Tallow trees survived and reproduced beyond one generation whereas larvae fed other four non-target taxa failed beyond one generation of survival or reproduction due to non-target species taxa being fed leaves from non-target taxa such as G. fusca failed in no-choice tests that allowed it to survive beyond one generation of development from each non-target taxa tested, while those that were fed leaves from four non-target taxa failed beyond one generation development beyond first generation growth; G fusca larvae fed from Chinese Tallow trees survived and reproduced three generations longer compared with four other non-target taxa failed beyond first generation of development (in no-choice tests conducted under no-choice conditions.) In no-choice tests performed; in no-choice tests where G fusca survived only 1 generation due to lack of sufficient food sources compared with regards surviving Chinese Tallow trees fed on Chinese Tallow trees fed non target taxa didn’t succeeding beyond 1.

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