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GZA Net Worth – Musician, Lyricist, Songwriter

GZA, also known as Gabriel Zain Abed (GZA), hails from US. At 57 years old he is well known as a musician, lyricist, songwriter & rapper.

At an early age, he developed an appreciation of hip-hop music through listening to The Commodores and Isley Brothers as well as The Last Poets; both groups emerged out of black civil rights movements in the 1960s.

Early Life and Education

GZA was born August 22nd 1966 in Brooklyn, New York City and spent his childhood playing with other rappers from his extended family and circle of friends who also practiced hip-hop music and street art forms such as graffiti and breakdance. GZA dropped out of school shortly before his tenth grade year ended.

GZA was raised listening to artists such as the Commodores, Isley Brothers and Last Poets. An avid science nerd himself, GZA likes including scientific facts in his lyrics.

In 2008, he released his album Pro Tools featuring tracks by himself and fellow Wu-Tang Clan members RZA, Mathematics, True Master and Ol’ Dirty Bastard – plus collaborator Denys Cowan on its cover artwork – all focused around inner city crime issues. Additionally, in 2015 he cancelled his European tour so as to focus on producing an album together with composer Vangelis that will cover themes associated with Earth and ocean issues – this project became famous worldwide.

Professional Career

GZA began his professional rap career as a rapper. He discovered his interest for hip-hop by attending block parties as a child. Later, with Russell Jones and Robert Diggs (Russell Jones and Ol’ Dirty Bastard respectively), they created RZA and Ol’ Dirty Bastard and traveled around New York City challenging other rap groups to rap battles.

GZA performed in several concerts across Europe and America, wrote several songs used in movies and TV shows, and is an avid follower of science who strives to incorporate scientific facts into his lyrics.

In 2020, Billons made an appearance in Netflix’s Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts as Bad Billons and composed a song for it. Additionally, he has recorded several albums under his own name.

Achievement and Honors

GZA is an award-winning rapper and songwriter. As one of the founding members of Wu-Tang Clan and considered its “spiritual leader”, he became one of the first group members to secure a record deal. Over his long career he has released multiple albums while becoming one of hip hop’s premier lyricists; his lyrics tend to focus less on plot-driven songs and more on science or philosophies than traditional plotlines in hip hop lyrics.

Gary Grice, better known by his stage name GZA, was born August 22nd 1966 (age 57) and numerology has designated him a Life Path Number 7 person. People born under this number tend to focus more on inner journeys and self-awareness; are typically dedicated to their families and friends while seeking improvement themselves; are intelligent with great senses of humor – these characteristics apply perfectly for Gary.

Personal Life

GZA, better known by his stage name Wu-Tang Clan founder GZA, also enjoys a successful solo career releasing Words from the Genius in 1991 and Liquid Swords five years later. GZA was born August 22, 1966 with Life Path number 7. Although he made the decision not to finish high school due to pursuing his rapping career instead, his decision paid off handsomely.

He is known for his intricate lyrics and extensive vocabulary, earning him the moniker “The Genius.” Additionally, he actively advocates for science education initiatives and collaborates on various projects with other artists; brand ambassadorships have been undertaken alongside business ventures he is taking part in; currently single with limited income.

Net Worth

GZA’s net worth stems from his successful music industry career, business ventures and investments. He has released multiple albums both as an individual artist and as part of Wu-Tang Clan as well as work in video game production which all contributed to his wealth.

His birthdate of 22 August 1966 indicates a Leo with life path number 7. People born under this number tend to focus on self-discovery and always searching for new ways to better themselves.

GZA is well known as an artist in his own right; however, in addition to rapping he also has worked as a film director and producer. He has directed music videos for many artists as well as acting roles in numerous movies; furthermore he owns part of a sports bar in Manhattan.

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