Harley Quinn Red And Blue Pants

Hot Toys Harley Quinn – Red and Blue Pants

If you’re a fan of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, then you’ve probably heard that Hot Toys has released an officially licensed 1/6th scale collectible figure of Harley Quinn! The figure features the iconic look Margot Robbie portrayed in the film, complete with screen-accurate costume and accessories.

The red and blue sequins that adorned the pants that she donned in Suicide Squad were the first thing that everyone noticed about her character. While many comic book adaptions have unnecessary, sexualized outfits for their female characters (especially if they’re not in the superhero genre), this particular version of the character is one that is both a pleasure to look at and a delight to wear!

Her costumes aren’t just a fun choice for fans of the movie, but they also help to show us her personality. We can see her playful, carefree side through her cute pastel blue and pink colored short pigtails and the way she adorns herself with a silver metallic eyeliner and classic red lip.

She even has a pair of blue and white striped shoes that she’s wearing, which are a fun addition to her outfit and add some color to the otherwise drab ensemble! This is an excellent way for her to show that she’s a bit more mature than her comic book counterpart, who often wears ratty, sweaty and unflattering clothing.

I really like the stockings that she’s wearing on her legs. They look authentic, and the attention to detail is fantastic! The only issue that I have is the fact that her knees are visible in some places, which isn’t very accurate to her actual appearance. This is a small thing that I’d prefer to be removed, but overall, it looks really good!

Her tiara and crown are pretty awesome too, and make her costume look more regal. There are even some cute earrings and a necklace that can be attached to her tiara, which is a neat touch.

She has a couple of different hairstyles that she can use to suit her character’s needs, including a sleek pixie style and a wavy blonde wig. She also has a number of different face paint options that she can choose from, and her eyes are painted in the same way that her hair is, which adds to the overall regal look that she has here!

In her character’s comic book series, Harley Quinn is known as the “Suicide Squad” villain and is one of the criminal associates of the Joker and Poison Ivy. She is also a member of a secret government agency that recruits supervillains for their nefarious activities.

Her character was introduced in 1999 and has since appeared in a variety of DC Comics titles. She has also made a number of guest appearances on other TV shows and video games.

In the upcoming film, Suicide Squad, Harley is a major player in the story, as well as a part of the Birds of Prey group. Although her screen time isn’t as high as other members of the group, she still has a lot to say and does make an impact on the overall plot. She’s a great character to watch for and I hope that she’ll get more screen time in the future!

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