Hreinn Games

Hreinn Games is a game developer known for developing Noxian Nights, an adult-focused fantasy RPG. They currently are working on Kingdom of Deception but Sierra Lee left in 2018.

This game offers intrigue, sexual encounters and orcs with endless desires – here are a few scenes from its latest update!

Early Life and Education

Hreinn is a Nord from Markarth who assists his parents in running the Silver-Blood Inn. He spends each night from midnight to 8am sleeping in his southwestern bedroom; and spends his days cleaning, cooking and serving guests as well as being close with his siblings and playing games together.

He is an exceptionally gifted artist whose work has been featured both on the official Bethesda blog and YouTube, and over time his popularity is increasing rapidly.

Sierra Lee is an extremely busy woman, having created the Ouroboros game and currently working on Kingdom of Deception for another. Additionally, she and Nomo form Hreinn Games together; unfortunately though she has mentioned how management tasks have taken away some of her creative time.

Professional Career

Hreinn Games, developers of the League of Legends parody game Noxian Nights, has introduced its upcoming project Kingdom of Deception. This game centers on orcs and politics as players battle and betray one another across a vast kingdom with bottomless desires and violent conflicts. Kingdom of Deception is scheduled for release later this year with supporters receiving exclusive art packs as well as voting privileges to suggest changes through special patron pick posts as well as early access updates.

Personal Life

Hreinn games is an independent game developer that creates various fantasy-based erotica titles using Patreon as its crowdfunding platform to fund their projects.

Kingdom of Deception is a dark medieval themed RPG designed specifically for adult audiences by Hreinn Games. Set in an alternate reality world where decades of war between races has led to humans establishing and ruling Lundar as the kingdom, it follows an independent female protagonist as she must decide between telling lies, fighting or sleeping with different individuals.

Sierra Lee served as part of a two-person team to develop this game, having also written Noxian Nights until her departure in 2018. Since then she has been working on her own project called Adamantium.

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