Irwin Raymer

Irwin Raymer, an American reality star known for co-founding acrylic tank manufacturing company Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. Additionally, he made headlines when featured on Animal Planet show Tanked.

He, his son Brett and daughter Heather King all hail from Brooklyn, New York and work alongside Wayde, the CEO of ATM.

Early Life and Education

Irwin Raymer, also known as The General, decided to move to Las Vegas so he could pursue his passion of creating custom aquariums. Together with fellow co-founders they established Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), an aquarium manufacturing firm known for their unique projects and celebrity clientele.

Animal Planet reality series Tanked began airing in August 2011, following Irwin, his son Brett and Wayde King as they managed their shop.

Irwin Irwin, born November 22nd 1944 under Sagittarius sun sign is an American reality star aged 78 years. Before joining ATM he ran his own machinery sales business for several years before opening an ATM branch at one of their ATM facilities. Additionally he is the father of Brett and Heather Irwin.

Professional Career

Irwin Raymer, commonly referred to as The General, rose to prominence after appearing in Animal Planet’s reality series Tanked. The show documented his Las Vegas aquarium shop called Acrylic Tank Manufacturing or ATM that was co-founded by his son Brett and former son-in-law Wayde King. These operations built some of the largest aquariums ever assembled as well as celebrity clients such as NBA star Shaquille O’Neal.

Prior to joining ATM, Irwin owned a business selling machinery. Now retired and enjoying outdoor activities like camping and strolls with his grandchildren he continues to make headlines regarding reports of his death despite these being entirely false reports.

Achievement and Honors

Irwin Raymer, best known for appearing on Animal Planet series Tanked and as co-founder of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (an aquarium manufacturing firm).

Irwin Irwin has earned many nicknames over his time, including ‘The General” and “The Fixer.” A veteran of the military himself, his resume boasts many achievements that make him standout from his peers.

He is an esteemed television personality and father to fellow reality TV stars Brett Raymer and Heather King. He reportedly has an estimated net worth between $1 and $5 Million dollars, and follows life path 6. Being on this path means he likes serving humanity for greater good; additionally he owns a business selling machinery, and was previously married.

Personal Life

Irwin Raymer has long been recognized in the aquarium industry. He gained notoriety through his appearances on Animal Planet’s Tanked show and now leads a peaceful life devoted to spending time with his grandchildren and outdoor activities such as camping.

Born in Brooklyn, New York on October 25, 1969 and attending Abraham Lincoln High School where he played sports; later going on to earn his business degree at Stony Brook University.

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing found fame through Animal Planet reality show Tanked, where its founders featured it. This show highlighted their family business of building aquariums and tanks for clients such as NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal; O’Neal co-founded Acrylic Tank Manufacturing along with son Brett and former son-in-law Wayde King.

Net Worth

Irwin Raymer, widely dubbed ‘The General’ and ‘The Fixer’ is co-owner of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), a custom aquarium builder featured on Animal Planet reality show Tanked since 2011.

Irwin has amassed millions through television appearances and private aquarium projects for celebrities, which have added millions to his net worth. Born November 22nd with a Sun sign of Sagittarius.

Brett Raymer works alongside his sister Heather and son Brett as part of the ATM team, becoming known for their quick-witted personalities and confident business acumen. Brett also works on celebrity aquariums and stars in popular reality show ‘Tanked’ alongside Wayde King and Irwin Raymer (his brother-in-law and father respectively).

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