Is Patrick Mahomes Preparing For Another Leap

Patrick Mahomes Preparing For Another Leap Year

If you’ve watched Patrick Mahomes play in the NFL, you know that he is a different player today than he was four years ago. That’s because he has maintained his greatness, but he has also changed his nature to make that happen.

In this season alone, Mahomes has thrown for 5,250 yards and 41 touchdown passes, leading the Chiefs to their first playoff appearance in three seasons. And he’s already in the running for an MVP award.

It’s an incredibly impressive resume for any young quarterback, and one that will only get better as Mahomes stretches his arm through more games and gets older. He has the potential to join Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter and many others on the career list of the most prolific players of all time.

But the most remarkable thing about Mahomes’ accomplishments is his underlying mental strength and discipline. That is why, after he suffered an ankle injury that kept him out of last week’s win over the Jaguars, he was able to come back and lead the Chiefs to their first divisional round win in eight years.

He’s not only been the best quarterback in the league for a year, he’s the best of his generation. That’s a pretty rare thing to say about a player.

That’s why he knows that his game is not finished just yet. He’s confident in his ability to continue to improve, but he also knows that he will have to be more consistent with his decisions.

As he prepares to face the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game, Mahomes has been focusing on his game plan and getting his body in shape. He has even gone so far as to participate in a little extra film work this week, something that is normally out of the question when dealing with an injury.

Mahomes says that he’s not worried about his ankle because he knows that he can still perform at a high level. He’s just trying to make sure he feels like he can take part in practice and execute the game plan that coach Andy Reid has laid out for him.

When he’s on the field, Mahomes doesn’t think about his injury and focuses on what he can do to be the best quarterback he can be. He’s been so steadfast on that mission, it’s made it more difficult for him to focus on his ankle.

But he is focused on the task at hand and if he does his job right, he’ll be able to lead the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl in four years.

It’s an amazing achievement for a 26-year-old player who was once criticized for being raw coming from Texas Tech’s Air Raid offense. He’s taken that rawness, pushed himself to become more mature and is showing us all what it means to be a better player.

It’s an incredible story, and it’s just one of the reasons why the Chiefs signed Mahomes to a nearly half-billion-dollar deal. It’s a deal that will keep him with the team for another decade.

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