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Isobel Thom – Joan of Arc

Charlie Josephine has created an eye-opening play featuring nonbinary actor Isobel Thom as Joan of Arc in their production called, They or They: Joan of Arc by exploring self-identity through “they” and “them” pronouns. This unique approach is bound to capture audiences.

Thom, who graduated from drama school just weeks before rehearsals began, has become the target of transphobic media coverage; nevertheless, she continues to do what she sees as essential work.

Early Life and Education

Isobel Thom was born and educated at the University of the West Indies in Guyana. As an artist, writer and activist she has taken part in many initiatives that support African culture throughout the Caribbean region. She is particularly renowned for experimenting with geometric forms in her paintings and ceramic pieces.

She has won multiple awards and recognitions for both her artistic work as well as her efforts in early childhood education, helping to reshape regional and national early childhood policies.

Thom has recently graced London’s Globe Theater stages in Dream, Red Velvet and Moon Licks; as well as taking on Joan of Arc in I, Joan, written and directed by Charlie Josephine and Ilinca Radulian; which portrays Joan nonbinarily and uses they/them pronouns. Unfortunately, this production has inspired several transphobic attacks against its cast.

Professional Career

As part of I, Joan at the Globe Theatre, nonbinary actor Isobel Thom will break with tradition by portraying Joan of Arc. Charlie Josephine authored the script using nonbinary pronouns while Ilinca Radulian (also nonbinary) directed it, with focus on Saint Thomas Aquinas’ involvement in France’s 1428-1429 Siege of Orleans. Anya Ryan wrote for the Guardian that Thom’s “stunning professional debut as Joan is as powerful and moving as it is provocative”, which Anya called her an irresistibly potency force in Joan’s interrogation of society’s limitations is central. Other cast members in Joan include Jolyon Coy as Charles the King-in-Waiting and Adam Gillen who plays Joan’s most loyal follower Adam Gillen; Thom herself graduated RWCMD before performing roles such as Moon Licks, Dream After Miss Julie and King Lear at RWCMD theatre before taking on roles at RWCMD theater where she also graduated as one-in-Waiting King Lear roles!

Achievement and Honors

Thom is an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQIA community. Her work encourages others to embrace inclusivity and challenge societal norms, with her bold approach of queering Shakespearean plays sparking discussions on gender fluidity and diverse sexual orientations.

Last summer, Isobel made history when she took on the lead role of Joan Of Arc in Charlie Josephine’s non-binary retelling at Shakespeare’s Globe. Her performance received widespread acclaim and support from trans communities worldwide.

Thom has not let transphobia interfere with her plans for the future; she remains true to herself and returned to the Globe this year to star in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, earning plaudits and praise from critics for her performance and that of the entire cast.

Personal Life

Thom has emerged in recent years as an avant-garde performer and non-binary artist of note. Beyond acting, she designs functional ceramics which explore geometry while remaining at the intersection between art and everyday life – as well as building projects like tile cladding to teapots.

Thom has had their work featured at numerous international galleries, such as New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City and Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand. Most notably, in 2017 Thom made history by becoming the first trans actor ever cast as Joan of Arc in Charlie Josephine’s I, Joan–an iconic London theater production that depicted this French leader against English forces at 16 years old before she was burnt at stake for believing she could communicate directly with God through her eyes.

Net Worth

Forbes, IMDb & various online sources estimate the current net worth of Isobel Thomson to be between $1-5 Million. Her primary source of income comes from being an accomplished Field Hockey Player; with fans from around the globe and worldwide recognition. Isobel keeps her personal & love life private & remains single; currently looking for her ideal partner; we will keep this page updated as soon as she confirms any new details! Keep checking this page to stay informed on Isobel’s relationships or affairs; stay tuned & we will update as soon as she confirms any new information!

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