J Anthony Brown Give It Up On Christmas Day

Did You Hear About J Anthony Brown Giving It Up on Christmas Day?

Whether you were at home or on the road, you are sure to have heard of the new J. Anthony Brown-themed radio show on 106.7FM, aptly named JAB. In addition to the show’s signature comedy, the show also features a slew of games, trivia and a smattering of celebrity news. It is the one of the best shows on the FM dial. In fact, it has a higher national average rating than the aforementioned shindig. This is not the first time that J. Anthony Brown has graciled the coveted radio jockey throne. A few years back, he was the coveted cohost of a syndicated morning show. During his tenure, he was also a guest on several of the big name daytime programs and lent his comedic touch to several films. In fact, he has even made the leap from stage to screen, most notably in the upcoming Christmas themed thriller, The App That Stole Christmas.

On the topic of music, J. Anthony Brown has made it big time with the help of his former boss Tom Joyner. He has worked with the legendary crooner on several projects over the years, including Def Comedy Jam and a two-season stint on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. The show also hosted a number of high profile guests, including Usher, Jay Z and others. It has been deemed the top morning show in America.

Whether you were looking for a night of laughs or a date, you have found your match. In fact, he was even a guest on the show last week. Aside from being an up and comer, Brown was a veteran of the radio business, having hosted a number of shows in the past, most notably as an afternoon host for the Tom Joyner Show. He has also landed numerous movie roles, including in the recent Netflix blockbuster. He also has a small empire of his own, including the J. Anthony Brown Comedy Store in Los Angeles and the J. Spot clothing store in Dayton, Ohio. Considering his knack for the entertainment business, it is no surprise that he has a long list of friends, including a few who have made the move from the stage to the big screen. In addition to his television appearances, Brown has also had an active role in the radio business, being the first holder of the coveted radio jockey throne. The name is a mouthful, but the man has made a name for himself and has built a devoted following in the process.

The aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned is the reason why the JAB Radio show is a must-have on your oh-so-busy radio schedule. The show is the most important part of any entertainment enterprise and Brown has no regrets about making it a priority. In fact, he’s so confident in his ability to woo his viewers that he’s already been courted by several big name syndicators.

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