Jaime Camil Wedding Pictures

Jaime Camil Wedding Pictures

Jaime Camil and his bride Heidi Balvanera tied the knot on July 27th in Mexico City. The wedding was a show stopper with a few major names in attendance. Their bling bling worthy of a page in a book, the couple will share one child together. This couple dated for eight years and is no stranger to fame. During that time they bonded over their love of all things pop culture.

The dude has been busy these days and his latest gig is an upcoming comedy called “Riches to Rags” on CBS. He also recently lent his voice to the animated film HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3. While his telenovela persona Rogelio de la Vega may be his calling card, Camil has been a notable name in the acting department since Jane the Virgin.

Jaime Camil and his wife Heidi Balvanera are now settling into married life. They got married in the Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City. A flurry of high profile celebrity friends attended the affair including Billy Rovzar, Alejandro Fernandez, Sebastian Rulli, Sofia Castro and the like. In the spirit of the occasion, the bride-to-be opted for the dress of her dreams. Her ensemble was a classy blend of both classic and modern and was fashioned by the likes of Mexican designers.

There’s a reason Jaime Camil and his bride Heidi Balvanera are a hot couple and it’s not just because of their shared genes. Both have an impressive list of movie and TV roles, most notably their roles in the Oscar winning movie COCO. Also, the couple is responsible for the birth of their son, Jaime.

On the other hand, the couple has been known to party hard on the reg. When they aren’t filming, they are out having a good time. One of their favorite hobbies is to play board games. They have also been spotted dining in the company of other cast members from Jane the Virgin. Taking the time to enjoy a meal or two together is an opportunity not to be missed.

It is no secret that the cast of the hit CW series Jane the Virgin have a huge kinship. They are a close group of friends and they have been able to juggle their work and personal lives in an effort to create some of the most memorable episodes.

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