Jason Bateman Ozark Wardrobe

Jason Bateman’s Ozark Wardrobe Revealed

With the conclusion of its fourth season just days away, Ozark has left viewers with a shocking cliffhanger. In the process, the show has revealed a darkly broody tone and a close-loop nature to its action. However, the series has also given its characters a range of outcomes. The Byrde family’s shaky union is tested during the closing installments.

Marty Byrde is a financial planner who is on the verge of a big payoff. But when his money-laundering scheme goes wrong, he has to relocate his family to the Ozarks to repay the debts he owes to a Mexican drug lord. Having always been held together by spit and duct tape, the family’s fate hangs in the balance when dire circumstances force them to reunite.

Jason Bateman plays Marty Byrde in Ozark, the Netflix crime thriller. He has appeared in numerous films, such as Arrested Development and Game Night. As one of the series’ main characters, he has earned an Emmy for his role.

The series follows the Byrde family as they seek to realize their goals. In order to do so, they are forced to rehabilitate their lives. They are struggling to regain their footing after having been displaced by a failed money-laundering operation. While the main focus is on the women in the family, the show also explores the impact of greed on modern America.

Jason Bateman’s character is a workaholic who wants to live a comfortable life. Although his clothes don’t hint at the potential payoff he is hoping to achieve, they do speak to his character’s ambitious, hardworking nature. His wardrobe is simple, business-casual, and clean. Though the wardrobe isn’t particularly representative of his career, it is indicative of the brooding tone of the series.

One of the key pieces in Byrde’s wardrobe is his Quilted Jacket. It features an attached hood and is made of 100% leather. Also, the jacket has multiple pockets, a fastening front zip, and a viscose lining for comfort. This outfit is inspired by Jason Bateman’s own style, which has earned him millions of fans around the world.

Jason Bateman’s wardrobe for Ozark is another example of how the series amplifies his character’s vibe. He wears rolled-up sleeves, which are a signature look for the actor. When he first came onto the scene, he dressed as Michael Landon in Little House on the Prairie. According to Furey, his rolled-up sleeve may be a nod to this early role.

Byrde’s wardrobe is also indicative of the series’ broody tone. The series is set in Missouri, a region that dramatically changed by irrigation work during the early 20th century. It is part of the sales pitch for the show. Moreover, the state boasts a larger shoreline than California.

Aside from his costume, Jason Bateman also received an Official Studio Certificate of Authenticity for the wardrobe set from Media Rights Capital. Many of the pieces that comprise the set were previously worn on the set during the production of the series.

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