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The Blue Jays 50/50 Raffle Gives Away a Life-Changing Prize

This season, the Blue Jays are giving away life-changing prizes with every ticket sold! Proceeds from this raffle support Jays Care programming that uses baseball to level the playing field for young people across Ontario.

One fan could become an overnight millionaire during Super September when one is awarded the largest jackpot ever won in MLB and Ontario sports history. Please read and comply with these rules prior to purchasing tickets.

Early Life and Education

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Ten days may have passed before the Jays could find the winner of their Amazing April 50/50 jackpot, but eventually one was found – an avid Blue Jays supporter from Hamilton who will use this win to support Jays Care Foundation, an organization which uses baseball as an educational tool to teach children life skills such as teamwork and leadership through baseball.

Beginning at tomorrow’s home opener, Jays fans can purchase 50/50 tickets using handheld electronic devices and can see real-time draw values displayed. Proceeds from sales of tickets and proceeds from 50/50 drawings help support local charities like Jays Care Foundation that use sports to bring about positive social change across Canada.

Professional Career

The Toronto baseball team conducts a 50/50 draw during each home game of its charitable arm, the Jays Care Foundation. On April 30, they will reveal who won the $2.8 Million Jackpot! Their ticket was sold through their Jays Care Foundation which provides priority support to neighbourhoods and communities, including selling administrative coordinator roles that require strong attention to detail and travel capabilities for an hourly salary of approximately $24.

The 1996 season proved another disappointing one for the Blue Jays.

Achievement and Honors

Like other MLB 50/50 raffles, Jays Care 50/50 draws one winner each homestand throughout the season and gives fans from across Ontario an opportunity to participate online or in person and win big while giving back through Jays Care programs for kids!

After waiting a little over a week, Blue Jays fan Deb from Hamilton finally came forward to claim her $2.8-million jackpot prize in the Amazing April 50/50 draw on April 11. For the first time ever, tickets could be bought both online and at stadium locations.

Due to an extended homestand for the Blue Jays, their prize was worth more than double of what would normally be available through this draw. Their winning ticket was purchased during a game against Boston at their stadium home stadium.

Personal Life

At Rogers Centre and online, 50/50 tickets provide you with an opportunity to win big throughout the season! They’re both available online and in person.

As part of Jays Care’s life-changing programs, when you purchase tickets to Jays Care’s 50/50 draw you not only help support the draw itself but also empower youth by using sport and play to overcome barriers in their lives. Proceeds from ticket sales go toward these programs that use sport to empower youth overcome any barriers they might be facing.

Unclaimed prize monies will be held safekeeping by Jays Care Foundation for six months after each draw and winners may be required to present proof of identity during this period. Please see Official Rules for further details.

Net Worth

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A self-described “Blue Jays number one fan” from Hamilton has won the Toronto Blue Jays Amazing April jackpot! Her ticket was purchased during their game on April 11 at BMO Field and she will use the funds for community baseball programs as well as children’s athletic programs across Ontario.

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