Jerry George

Jerry George, DO

Jerry George, DO is a Hematology Specialist in East Setauket, New York and has an expertise in cases involving lymphomas and multiple myeloma.

George is depicted as a devil-may-care liar who will do anything to escape an embarrassing situation. Furthermore, George lacks the capacity to stay employed for any significant length of time before making a mistake that leads to his dismissal from a job.

Early Life and Education

Jerry George was raised in a rural community of Yellow Springs, Ohio where he had the freedom to experience life on his own terms. He developed an interest in aviation that eventually led him to earn a degree in aviation management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Jerry served as Liberty University president and was widely credited with saving the school from financial ruin. His savvy business acumen helped to restore and stabilize its finances.

He was frequently criticized for his public persona, particularly after 2020. At a press conference calling for rural Virginia to secede, he tweeted a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 virus was created by North Korea as a bioweapon.

Jerry Resigned as Liberty’s president in February 2018. Mark DeMoss, an evangelical pastor and PR consultant who had served as board chairman, was among the first to criticize Jerry for his conduct.

Professional Career

Jerry George has a wide array of professional interests and pursuits. He has sold the beltless trench coat designed by his father, as well as attempted to recycle plastic bottles in Michigan where the refund rate is twice that of New York City.

He is an accomplished environmental attorney and litigator with extensive expertise in resolving federal, state enforcement actions, natural resource damage claims and citizen suits.

He has championed union campaigns in health care workplaces and assisted clients with covenants not to compete, senior leadership counseling, and management counseling. With an in-depth knowledge of the Railway Labor Act and National Labor Relations Act, he also has expertise representing employers in arbitrations and litigation before the National Mediation Board.

Achievements and Honors

George “Jerry” Phipps spent 14 years as an instructor, basketball coach and athletic director at City College of Baltimore where he helped lead their teams to numerous Maryland Scholastic Association titles. Additionally, he coached City College and CCBC teams to multiple Junior University Cup championships.

He has represented the USA in open water and Ironman triathlons, as well as completing an arduous Ice Mile swim at high altitude.

He has received multiple honors from AAG, such as the Gilbert Grosvenor Honors in Geographic Education, Lifetime Achievement Award and Distinguished Scholarship Honors. Additionally, he was recognized with AAG Publication and Media Achievement Awards.

Personal Life

Jerry George’s relationships with women were often unsuccessful. He was a self-centered individual who sought validation from others, which ultimately lead to the destruction of numerous relationships.

He was an astute investor, capable of making money on stocks. Unfortunately, he had a tendency to ruin his new job or relationship in pursuit of short-term happiness or validation.

George had a troubled childhood, prone to anxiety and obsessive behavior. In the 1990s he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and underwent various treatment programs. Later in life he was found guilty of violating the Good Samaritan Law by failing to help an overweight man get carjacked. Throughout George’s life his parents would argue frequently; this left George often dealing with anger issues as well.

Net Worth

Jerry George is a renowned comedian, actor, and writer best known for his show Seinfeld. Additionally, he has built an empire of wealth through his business ventures.

Jerry has created and starred in multiple films and television shows, as well as appearing in countless comedy specials.

He is one of the most successful comedy performers in history, with a net worth estimated to be $950 million.

The comedian’s wealth is primarily due to his work on Seinfeld, which has brought him a fortune through both salaries per episode and syndication royalties.

Other than Seinfeld, he has also starred in other films and TV shows. His most recent venture was the 2012 online series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee which was a major success on Crackle and Netflix.

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