Jessica Namath

Jessica Namath – Celebrity Daughter

Jessica Namath is a daughter of celebrity, having become known due to her father’s career as an NFL player. She has appeared in movies such as The Wedding Ringer.

She hails from America and belongs to the white race. She boasts over 1,000 followers on Instagram and 4,00+ friends on Facebook.

Early Life and Education

Jessica Namath was born in 1986 in New York City to parents of Caucasian descent and is an American actress known for appearing in movies such as The Wedding Ringer and Namath. Her father Joe Namath played as an NFL and AFL quarterback for New York Jets before retiring.

Namath attended high school at The Archer School for Girls in New York before going on to Alabama University. She has one younger sister named Olivia Rose Namath.

Jessica is a Hebrew name meaning “she sees” that has long been one of the top 10 most popular girl’s names since it first made an appearance in 1977.

Professional Career

Jessica Namath is an iconic American actress and celebrity daughter who has amassed an enormous following. Born in New York City and having one sibling named Olivia Namath.

She attended The Archer School for Girls before receiving her degree at University of Alabama. Her acting debut came with Ouisie Shapiro’s documentary-style movie Namath (2012); then later appeared alongside Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, Affion Crockett and Kaley Cuoco in 2015 comedy movie The Wedding Ringer as part of its cast.

Jessica Kennedy was married for about two years to Irish songwriter Brian Kennedy; their divorce came about due to his alcohol and drug abuse, she claims.

Achievement and Honors

Jessica Namath is an actress and social worker dedicated to environmental preservation. As both a mother and social worker, Jessica raises awareness about sea pollution through raising awareness films like Sea Punk. Jessica married Brian Kennedy at St Therese Montauk Church in New York state on July 15 2015 but filed for divorce three years later in 2019. In 2019, Jessica claimed that Brian Kennedy’s anger management issues and drug dependency were key reasons behind their break-up.

She made her acting debut in the documentary film Namath and has also acted in other movies including The Wedding Ringer. She is the daughter of former American football quarterback Joe Namath.

Personal Life

Jessica Namath is an American citizen with Caucasian ancestry and lives in New York with her younger sister Olivia Namath. Joe Namath was an NFL quarterback while Deborah Mays is an actress; both their children now reside there as well.

Jessica first became widely recognized in 2012 with her appearance in the documentary film Namath. Since then she has appeared in other movies like The Wedding Ringer and is active social media presence.

Jessica married Brian Kennedy in 2015 and gave birth to John the following year, but their marriage ended in divorce due to their conflicting lifestyles. Jessica alleges that their breakup was caused by his drug addiction and anger issues – she discovered a bag of cocaine when 38 weeks pregnant!

Net Worth

Jessica Namath Mays is an award-winning American actress born of Joe Namath and Deborah Mays of New York City. Her father won several honors during his football career including NFL Comeback Player of the Year and AFL Rookie of the Year awards. Jessica attended The Archer School for Girls before enrolling at University of Alabama to continue her education.

Brian Kennedy and Jessica married at St. Therese Church in Montauk, New York in July 2015. In 2016, they welcomed their son John; however, due to Brian’s drug misuse and anger issues they later separated and filed for a divorce in 2019. In 2019, Jessica filed for her own legal separation.

She boasts over 1.7k Instagram followers and over 4,000 Facebook friends and actively campaigns against environmental pollution and coastal destruction through her social media posts.

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