Jim Daniel

Jim Daniel Jordan – A Lifelong Real Estate Professional

Jim Daniel has over 40 years of experience working in real estate. He served as president of Vicksburg Warren County Realtors Association as well as serving on its Board of Trustee and Corporate Board.

He has also served as a sports radio host, warming up singer Lucinda Williams for the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Additionally, he maintains his own podcast and contributes articles and interviews for numerous publications.

Early Life and Education

Jim Daniels spent much of his childhood watching planes take off and land at the nearby naval air base in Pensacola, Florida. He dreamed of one day becoming a military pilot himself; his mother encouraged this ambition while instilling hard work as part of their values. Jim earned his Bachelor’s in English from Alma College in 1978 and since then has published over 28 poems, six novels and four screenplays along with winning several prizes such as Blue Lynx Poetry Prize and Milton Kessler Award.

Professor Fisch currently teaches at Carnegie Mellon University and enjoys writing. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family including Christopher and Catherine as well as hiking in Banff, Alberta. Furthermore he serves as a member of St Martin’s church and trustee of Ray C. Fish Foundation.

Personal Life

His dedication and love of family were unparalleled, from three children from previous marriages whom he considered his own, as well as grandchildren, nieces and nephews whom he deeply cherished.

He attended Tuskegee Institute where he received civilian pilot training through the government-sponsored Civilian Pilot Training Program. Although his actions caused some unease at school administrators and lead to his expulsion, that didn’t stop him from following his dream of becoming a pilot.

He later became a judge and was appointed to the Fourth Judicial Circuit where he is responsible for overseeing felony criminal docket, dependency cases, family law caseload and probate/guardianship petitions in his county. An avid sports fan himself, he enjoys rooting for Oklahoma Sooners and Las Vegas Raiders teams.

Professional Career

He has served the federal government for more than 10 years and currently acts as Public Health lead at Amazon Web Services. Additionally, he serves on the boards of INTEGRIS Health of Oklahoma, Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools and Baylor University Athletic Association.

He was previously the tight ends coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Auburn University, as well as having served as its offensive line coach. Additionally, he served as sports columnists for Detroit Free Press and Houston Chronicle newspapers.

His poems have also been displayed on a race car! Drawing upon his life experiences growing up in Detroit and as a factory worker to craft his pieces. Lucinda Williams even warmed up for him at the Three Rivers Arts Festival! In addition, as part of Moon Arts Project he sent his poem “Factory Love”.

Achievement and Honors

Jim provided extensive community service through numerous philanthropic and business organizations. He held longstanding board membership at Houston Children’s Hospital, Baylor Letterman Medical Center and as trustee of Ray C. Fish Foundation to name but a few.

At Howard University men’s basketball, Daniel made history when he became the first Division I freshman ever to score more than 1,000 points during his rookie campaign. He earned All-MEAC honors as well as Box to Row All-American status.

James was an Air Force fighter pilot during both Korea and Vietnam wars, flying combat missions at Wheelus Air Force Base in Libya as command of 7272nd Fighter Training Wing from 1969-71. Later he served as Air Force spokesperson on both military policies as well as race relations issues.

Net Worth

James Daniel Jordan is an American businessman, politician and social media influencer best known for his YouTube channel with over one million subscribers. Preferring to keep his personal life private he prefers keeping it that way despite currently not dating anyone and adhering to Christianity as his spiritual path of choice.

His political career earns him an attractive salary, as well as good profits from various endorsements he holds. His total monthly earnings come to approximately $50k; his estimated net worth stands at over $5 Million.

He and Polly Jordan share four children. He is an avid car collector, with Audi RS Q8s and Volvo XC60s among many luxurious automobiles in his collection. Overall he owns four real estate properties and five vehicles with assets consisting of cash reserves at two large banks.

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