Joanna DeMuro

Doug and Joanna DeMuro

Doug and Joanna DeMuro enjoy an excellent relationship. Together they are raising a charming child who remains under wraps; together they reside in San Diego, California in their private house.

After moving from Philadelphia, they purchased their current residence. Since then, they’ve spent most of their time there; occasionally venturing off for short trips such as Nantucket.

Early Life and Education

Doug DeMuro is married to Joanna, an accomplished professional in her own right. As an experienced writer with experience writing books, magazines, and marketing materials for various publications like Literary Hub, Guernica and Nylon; her work has been showcased in these venues as well.

Joanna is also the co-founder and editor of print and online women’s longform magazine The Riveter. She holds a Bachelors in Journalism from University of Missouri.

Joanna DeMuro is an integral part of his life and strongly supports all his endeavors. They share one son together and reside in San Diego County, California. This dynamic couple works extremely well together despite Joanna preferring not being in the spotlight – they even share an adorable dog named Noodle among themselves!

Professional Career

DeMuro currently boasts over 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube and his secondary channel features varied content such as car auction updates. He also writes columns and e-books on non-car related topics.

As part of his career, he has contributed articles to multiple popular car blogs – such as Jalopnik where he served as vehicle editor – as well as two books featuring personal anecdotes of car ownership such as Play With Cars and From My Perspective.

He owns an impressive array of vehicles that he showcases in his videos. Additionally, DeMuro frequently purchases second-hand cars recommended by readers and often buys second-hand ones recommended to him by them. DeMuro credits his success to hard work and dedication alone; however, Joanna, his wife behind-the-scenes plays an equally vital role as she encourages him and offers support throughout his career journey.

Achievement and Honors

Doug DeMuro quickly gained fame on YouTube as an automotive YouTuber, garnering numerous awards and honors – including YouTube Star of the Year 2016.

He and his wife Joanna reside in San Diego, California and run a website called Cars & Bids to sell cars at auction.

They share their home with Noodle, their dog. Joanna and Tom love each other very much and live a joyful life together as a family unit. Although remaining relatively low-profile, Joanna has been essential to Tom’s success in the automotive industry due to her constant support and contribution. Her public profile has made both him and Joanna famous worldwide while at the same time keeping their personal lives separate – an aspect which has greatly assisted their long-lasting marriage.

Personal Life

Joanna DeMuro may be married to one of the most popular Instagrammers and media figures around, yet she does not engage actively on social media herself. She prefers keeping her personal life private and avoids media scrutiny whenever possible.

She is an integral part of Doug DeMuro’s success and stands as an example for women who stand by their men, as evidenced by their love story.

Joanna currently resides in San Diego with her husband and their son. She and Doug enjoy spending time with friends and family as well as traveling; Noodle can often be seen featured in Doug’s videos as a pet companion. In addition to his YouTube ventures, he also owns Cars & Bids website where you can buy/sell cars online.

Net Worth

Doug DeMuro is a self-made millionaire who amassed his fortune through automotive writing, selling merchandise and YouTube. His net worth currently exceeds $10 Million.

His longtime sweetheart Joanna became his wife in 2017; they live together with their son on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts and boast a variety of cars in their collection: Ford GT, Volvo 850 Turbo, Mercedes G 500 Cabriolet and Land Rover Defender 90 among others.

Joanna is an understated character who rarely appears in Doug’s videos. However, she is an American citizen with her own career path – although her net worth remains unknown as she prefers not being under any media scrutiny. Joanna is also a successful author who has published Play With Cars and From My Perspective books respectively.

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