Joey Hain

Joey Hain has been working in ceros Capital Markets as a managing director for seven years and has done an excellent job so far.

He is extremely intelligent and has extensive knowledge about the industry. Furthermore, he possesses great communication skills.

He is an extremely hard worker who is always eager to assist those around him.

Early Life and Education

Joey is an optimistic, good-natured, and intelligent character with a playful spirit and strong appetite for food – often eating ice cream as part of his lunch and enjoying watching Star Trek and Beavis and Butt-Head as entertainment. Joey also considers himself to be a womanizer while seeking acting careers.

Joey appeared in one episode as Al Pacino’s “butt double”, however the part was cut due to Joey taking it too seriously. Later he appeared in an infomercial for an easy milk carton opener but choked on a cookie and became the subject of mockery from viewers.

Phoebe and Hector seem to get along very well. He jokes with her in The One With the Race Car Bed about calling him Big Daddy; an insult he receives only too well!

Professional Career

Joseph Menachem Hain, commonly referred to by his nickname Joey, is an experienced investor and financial advisor. Currently he serves as director at Ceros Capital Markets as well as co-founding Intrinsic Value Partners advisory firm. Joey has over 14 years of experience working in securities brokerage; previously registered with Paulson Investment Company, Aegis Capital Corporation Westpark Capital Tejas Securities Group Wynston Hill Capital among others.

He is currently embroiled in two pending FINRA arbitration disputes with customers alleging he misrepresented private placement investments, each amounting to $500K and $200K respectively.

He is a hard worker with all the skills necessary to excel in any role he assumes, including natural leadership skills and outstanding communication abilities.

Achievement and Honors

Joey Hain has earned many accomplishments and honors throughout his distinguished career, being recognized for his work in television and film as well as awards and accolades for acting, writing, producing skills. Furthermore, Joey was honored for his contribution to the arts and humanities.

He has served as a director for over seven years. During this time, he has helped formulate goals, strategies, and plans that meet the needs of his company. Furthermore, he has actively been involved in expanding multiple businesses while making significant contributions towards their success.

He is an active member of several professional organizations and has taken leadership roles on various projects. For his service to the industry he has received multiple honors.

Personal Life

Joseph Leo Hain was born January 20th 1953 and passed away February 10th 2019.

He will always be remembered fondly, for all he achieved during his lifetime. A dedicated husband, father and grandfather.

Joey was an accomplished actor, appearing onstage in many different venues. As part of Matrix Theatre Company he performed various roles.

Joey also played William Adama and Dick Tracy on Robot Chicken, as well as having an upcoming role in Supernova. A veteran of the financial industry, he worked as a registered representative at multiple investment firms before founding Intrinsic Value Capital LLP and serving on Noble Capital Markets’ board of directors.

Net Worth

Joey Hain reportedly has an estimated net worth of over $25 Million. He first rose to prominence as the star of “Dawson’s Creek,” airing for six seasons from 1998-2003 on television and appearing in several movies as well.

BrokerCheck indicates that Joey Hain has been involved in multiple customer disputes alleging financial misconduct, such as misrepresenting investments sold via private placement (limited distribution of securities to limited investors).

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