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John Arum, 49, Goes Missing While Hiking in North Cascades National Park

Family members grew concerned when Bob Arum, legendary boxing promoter, went missing during a hike through North Cascades National Park on a weekend hike. 49-year-old environmental lawyer Jonathon Arum had been climbing Storm King, one of Washington State’s highest mountains, as part of his goal of summitting all 100 of Washington State’s highest peaks in his quest.

Early Life and Education

Reed College in Portland and University of Washington were both his colleges. Following service with the Justice Department and working for attorney Louis Nizer, Arum founded Top Rank Incorporated – eventually amassing millions through boxing promotion services.

Arum was widely recognized as an environmental lawyer and expert mountain climber. A passionate supporter of wilderness preservation and Native American tribal rights, Arum represented several groups opposed to gravel mining on Maury Island as well as one against a coal export terminal at Cherry Point.

He died while trying to climb Storm King Mountain alone when he died in 2010. According to his family, his dream had been to summit all 100 of Washington’s highest peaks; he loved kayaking, backcountry skiing and mountain climbing as a passionate outdoorsman.

Professional Career

He attended Erasmus Hall High School and New York University before enrolling at Harvard Law School where he belonged to what he referred to as “the prep school and eating club crowd.” Arum worked for President Kennedy during his administration at Justice, having little interest in boxing until meeting Muhammad Ali.

John Arum specialized in environmental law, representing groups, citizens and Indian tribes in legal battles to preserve air, water and other natural resources. He spent significant time volunteering his services for these cases – becoming the go-to attorney for Washington state environmental groups in their fight.

Recently, Arum has placed significant focus on promoting Hispanic fighters, citing surveys which indicate boxing as one of the most popular sports among Hispanic communities. As a result, world champions like Michael Carbajal, Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao have all been under his guidance.

Achievement and Honors

John Arum was the son of legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum and was an environmental lawyer by profession. An avid mountain climber himself, John had scaled over 80 of Washington state’s 100 highest peaks – trying to reach one more summit alone when his life was cut tragically short during an attempted solo ascent of Storm King Peak in North Cascades National Park in 2010.

Searchers discovered Arum’s body near where a backpack and daypack were discovered nearby, suggesting he fell during his ascent. Arum was known in Washington State for his advocacy work protecting wilderness areas as well as Native American tribal rights. To honor him, his family has organized two memorial services on October 2, at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center in Discovery Park; then Vashon Island will host one on October 6.

Personal Life

John Arum was an environmental attorney and enthusiastic climber, best known in Washington State for championing wilderness preservation and Native American tribal rights. As such, he worked to preserve wetlands, woods and other natural areas from development by often offering his legal expertise pro bono on such cases.

He worked to protect fish and other wildlife, such as an extremely rare strain of Pacific herring with unique genetic characteristics. Arum was also widely respected for his representation of Native American tribes in cases that involved their land.

He was married twice and had two sons and a daughter; he is survived by his second wife, Lovee Dubeof, stepchildren Todd and Dena; however he died while trying to complete climbing all 100 highest peaks of Washington when he fell at Storm King in North Cascades National Park.

Net Worth

Top Rank Boxing, operated by this 88-year-old business mogul has seen great success recently with heavyweight stars Tyson Fury, Terence Crawford and Vasiliy Lomachenko being represented by it. Additionally, his promotional company holds an agreement worth billions with ESPN.

Arum’s first marriage produced three children, including John who tragically passed away while climbing in Washington state in 2010. Since 1991, Arum and Lovee Dubeof have been in a second marriage and together have two stepchildren: Todd and Dena who currently hold positions of President and Vice President at Top Rank Boxing respectively.

Arum has an exceptional depth of knowledge within sports promotion and remains very involved with it, providing invaluable advice. His tireless work ethic will surely prove an asset in any future promotion deals.

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