John Bacus

John Bacus – An American Computer Scientist

John Bacus is a software product manager and co-designer of SketchUp, one of the world’s most popular computational design tools. He holds degrees in Architecture from The Cooper Union and Rice University, and currently lectures at the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado.

Based in the national capital region, he has extensive expertise investing and managing rapidly growing technology companies.

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Professional Career

John Bacus was a mathematician who created FORTRAN, one of the first general purpose and high-level programming languages. This programming language was utilized by both developers and scientists alike to create programs for computers.

He was born on December 3, 1924 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. Upon graduation he intended to pursue a medical career; however he was expelled from his freshman year for poor attendance and joined the army two years later (1942).

He discovered his aptitude for mathematics while working as a radio technician, and went on to earn a degree in mathematics from Columbia University before joining IBM’s team that developed the Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator (SSEC), the first electronic computer ever produced by the company.

Achievements and Honors

John Backus was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. His family was financially secure and well-connected; however, he did not excel academically while at Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

He was drafted into the US Army and studied chemistry at the University of Virginia, but was expelled during his freshman year due to poor attendance.

Backus after leaving the military relocated to New York City and pursued building a hi-fi set. He discovered an aptitude for math that proved quite handy; even with only four children at home, Backus proved quite capable.

He eventually got a job at IBM and developed speedcoding, an efficient method for programming computers. He later invented Fortran – one of the first high-level, general-purpose computer languages – as well as creating Backus-Naur form, still widely used today in programming languages.

Personal Life

John Backus was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a wealthy and well-connected family. His father was a stockbroker.

Backus had an affinity for mechanical repair and enjoyed playing with his chemistry set, but he didn’t possess much academic talent.

He attended a private high school in Pottstown, Pennsylvania but earned terrible grades and was ultimately expelled.

Fortunately, America was engaged in World War II and he was drafted into the army in 1943. Subsequently, he pursued engineering studies at several universities.

After World War II, he dedicated the remainder of his life to science and research. This included creating Fortran, a new computer language, as well as refining higher-level programming languages.

Net Worth

John Backus is an American professional computer scientist whose estimated net worth or income ranges between $1 Million-$5 Million. This wealth was earned through his primary career as a Computer Scientist.

He hails from Pennsylvania, USA and has a son named Johnny Christopher King.

Additionally, he has two daughters: Mattea Angel and Lucia.

His wife Mira Sorvino.

They began their union on June 11, 2004 and have four children: daughters Mattea Angel and Lucia, as well as sons Johnny Christopher King and Holden Paul Terry Backus.

This total net worth calculation is based on a variety of social factors. It should only serve as an indication and John Bacus’ actual income may differ significantly from this amount.

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