John Balano

John Balano

John Balano is a renowned author and respected figure in the writing world. His work is acclaimed for its insightful depictions of various topics.

His breakthrough novel, Los detectives salvajes (1998; The Savage Detectives), cemented his place as a literary star in Spanish-speaking countries. It won him the Romulo Gallegos Prize – the Spanish-language equivalent of the Booker Prize.

Early Life and Education

Balano had a passion for education and was an avid learner. In 1990 he graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish; later that same year he earned a master’s degree in Spanish from Columbia University.

Balano was an accomplished author, having published over two hundred books. As a celebrated poet, he earned numerous awards for his groundbreaking work Los detectives salvajes (1998; The Savage Detectives), which follows the tale of a group of daring Mexican poets.

Balano was a strength and conditioning coach at City College, helping thousands of student athletes stay fit. Additionally, he developed physical education classes for CCSF’s Administration Justice and Fire Science Department that prepare future public safety officers to pass their physical exams.

Professional Career

John Balano spent 17 years as City College of San Francisco’s strength and conditioning coach, helping thousands of RAMs reach their highest performance on the field. Additionally, he achieved several notable athletic accomplishments throughout his illustrious career. Aside from coaching RAMs, Balano also developed several physical education (PE) classes that will continue to inspire and entertain students for years to come – one standout among them being PE 32 (CCSF Fitness and Health), which consistently tops lists among PE majors at the school.

Achievements and Honors

As a coach at City College, Balano was responsible for training thousands of student athletes with injury prevention, rehab from injuries and nutritional guidance. Outside the campus walls, he also offered one-on-one training to many professional athletes; particularly football players he specialized in. Furthermore, Balano maintained close ties to former football coach George Rush while providing them with guidance.

Balano was an accomplished athletic trainer and writer, publishing several books. His breakthrough novel Los detectives salvajes (The Savage Detectives) became a literary sensation in Latin America and earned him the Romulo Gallegos Prize. Additionally, he created the screenplay for a feature-length film of the same name. In 2012, Balano co-developed Physical Education 29 (Firefighting/Public Safety Conditioning) with CCSF’s Administration of Justice and Fire Science department to prepare students for entry exams required for police and fire departments throughout California.

Personal Life

John Balano had a lasting legacy as the strength and conditioning coach for City College’s athletic department for 17 years. His presence on campus made him a well-known figure both inside and outside of sports circles; he often drove around on his cart alongside former football coach George Rush as Rush led his teams to four national championships.

Balano was not only an impressive figure on the field, he also created many physical education classes to keep City College students fit. Additionally, his collaboration with CCSF’s Administration of Justice and Fire Science department resulted in the creation of a course designed to prepare public safety candidates for passing their physical exams required for employment into police and fire departments across California.

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