John Baldridge

John Baldridge, a Country Music Singer-Songwriter

John Baldridge is a country music singer-songwriter whose songs have been likened to artists like Tim Nichols, Jordan Walker, and Luke Combs. His tunes are marked by passion and conviction in their message. His fans love him for it!

He has seen tremendous success with his hit single “Senior Year,” which charted on Billboard and Mediabase without the assistance of a major label.

Early Life and Education

Growing up in rural eastern Oklahoma, John Baldridge had always had a vision of touring the Middle East. Ever since he was young, his fascination with this region and its people has only deepened.

His enthusiasm for the region has never wavered, and he continues to visit there to share his expertise with students at St. Mary’s Catholic School.

He has visited Qatar, Bahrain and Dubai several times, each time returning with a fresh perspective of the Middle East. This travel has both enhanced his life and that of his students.

His commitment to his mission has been well received by his students. He explained that his aim is to give them an authentic view of the Middle East and cultivate an understanding that cannot be taught through textbooks or online resources.

Professional Career

John Baldridge is an experienced designer whose focus has always been at the intersection of technology and aesthetics. Currently, he serves as Senior Manager for Digital Marketing and Communications at Carnegie Mellon University, overseeing their various digital campaigns to promote their research across various fields.

Recently, Baldridge joined Matt Geiger and Will Rutter in founding a CMU chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), an international student organization dedicated to space exploration. As designers, they recognized the need for such a group at Carnegie Mellon and were eager to get it going.

Achievements and Honors

The Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG) recognizes members for their outstanding contributions to geophysics and the geophysical community. The SEG Honors and Awards Committee seeks nominations of individuals, organizations, and other entities for formal recognition at the SEG Annual Meeting.

Dr. Kim Baldridge is a professor of chemistry and physics at the University of California, San Diego and also holds fellowship status with the American Physical Society. Additionally, she was one of five faculty members to receive a Fulbright Award.

Butch Hanisee is one of several veterans whose name appears on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Tribute Wall in Bossier City. With more than 8,000 names listed, he knows firsthand how difficult it can be to locate one’s own. Additionally, having a friend listed alongside Vietnam War’s most renowned missing person brings home just how significant having such an honor for any veteran.

Personal Life

John Baldridge is currently the Founder and Creative Director of Twelve14 Studios, a full-service design agency that specializes in brand development. For years he has been at the intersection of technology and creativity.

His background includes working as a Senior Creative Consultant for Simpleview, an established CCM (Customer Communications Management) outsourcing and technology company. Furthermore, he has several years of expertise in digital marketing and design from Digital River – a publicly-traded technology firm.

He was born in Western New York and enjoys spending time on Chautauqua Lake with his family. Additionally, he’s a proud member of Fleming-Jackson-Seever American Legion Post # 6 in Atchison, Kansas. When not working or fishing, he likes to hang out with friends while living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Net Worth

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