John Beekley

John Beekley

A few years after arriving at Du Pont, John Beekley became the head of the company’s polychemical research division. He and his assistant, Frank C. McGrew, directed the department for most of the 1950s.

He was also a trauma surgeon who deployed to Iraq several times, and served as director of the 31st Combat Support Hospital (CSH). There, he observed that some combat casualties arrived at the hospital’s trauma bay without tourniquets on. This experience prompted him to reexamine the entire blood transfusion protocol.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

One of the highlights of his career has been his role as a founding director for the Beekley Family Foundation. This organization was able to raise the bar in numerous categories including arts and sciences, education, and community health and wellness. Its accolades include the creation of the largest collection of ski art in the world and the creation of the prestigious Beekley award for student-led innovation in the classroom and the lab.

As a result of his contributions, the Beekley name is synonymous with quality of life for generations to come. His leadership skills have been recognized with multiple awards from the university, state, and national levels. The list of accomplishments is endless, but some of his most notable achievements are as follows: a.) the most successful collegiate arts and sciences program in the nation, b.) the first collegiate arts and sciences program to earn accreditation from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, and c.) the most innovative and inclusive student-led education program in the country.

Achievements and Honors

As a salesman for Cutter Laboratories in Nashville and Lisle, Illinois, John specialized in hospital laboratory information systems. Later, as vice president of Beekley Hospital Systems in West Hartford Connecticut, he grew the company into one of the world’s leaders in medical products and services.

He was also a passionate advocate for education throughout the Northwest Ohio region. He worked closely with Owens Community College to develop a partnership that provided Springfield Township residents access to higher education.

He was an avid collector of skiing prints, starting in earnest 50 years ago and accumulating a significant number of images by the best ski photographers in America. The collection, which includes linocuts and silk-screens from Ansel Adams, Leni Riefenstahl and Ray Atkeson, is still growing.

Personal Life

The life and loves of a mid-19th century iron clerk are not exactly Melrose Place-material, but remain fascinating none the less. Nathan Stem Beekley’s diary records his thirst for knowledge and a lively social life that includes frequent calls on young ladies, whose names are obscured for propriety’s sake.

He also attended church regularly, often two or three times a Sunday. He appears to enjoy the sermons and lectures that are offered.

In addition to his work, Beekley’s interests include art, music, skiing and books. He began collecting ski prints more than 50 years ago and has since built a collection of thousands of works.

Net Worth

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