John Buschman

John Buschman

John Buschman has a long and distinguished career in the hospitality industry. He currently teaches corporate social responsibility and international tourism at Florida International University’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism in Miami.

He is a sought-after speaker on hospitality and food sustainability topics. His research focuses on food systems sustainability as well as redistributing nutrition to homeless or food insecure populations.

Early Life and Education

John Buschman was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona and served a mission in the Philippines. Following this experience, he earned both his bachelor’s degree in psychology as well as master’s in instructional technology from Arizona State University.

Throughout his career, he served as both an educator in the classroom and on the faculty of the University of Kansas. As founding director of KU’s Writing Conference, he earned numerous accolades for his contributions to this field.

He is best known for his book Libraries, Classrooms and the Interests of Democracy: Marking the Limits of Neoliberalism. This work draws upon extensive scholarship to explore how education and democracy intersect and helps readers comprehend how capitalism has penetrated our educational institutions. Most notably, its influence continues to have a far-reaching effect on how people think about and approach learning.

Professional Career

Buschman had a distinguished acting career, appearing in multiple stage plays and films as well as on radio programs.

On entering Metro Pictures in 1915, he quickly gained notoriety as one of Hollywood’s top actors. At home too, he enjoyed great popularity; this culminated in a long and successful marriage to Beverly Bayne.

Bushman’s fame was short lived; by 1919 he and Bayne had divorced and were no longer considered stars. Nonetheless, Bushman continued to work, appearing in over 2,500 programs and several small movies.

Buschman is currently a professor at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami and co-director of its Global Sustainable Tourism program. His research and extensive community engagement have focused on food systems sustainability, waste reduction initiatives, as well as redistributing food to Florida’s homeless and food insecure populations.

Achievements and Honors

Professor of psychology at Princeton University, Buschman has made groundbreaking advances in understanding the neural mechanisms of cognitive control, particularly related to attention and working memory. His research integrates cutting-edge experimental and theoretical techniques for an in-depth look at how cognition arises from interactions among populations of neurons.

He has a passion for food systems sustainability, waste reduction and teaching hospitality management students about their social responsibilities towards the planet and communities they work in. Currently, he’s partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank to recover wholesome, usable food to distribute to Florida’s homeless and food-insecure populations.

He is the recipient of several honors, including an Outstanding Service Award and Graduate and Professional Alumni Award from William Woods University. These were presented in recognition of his teaching excellence, research accomplishments, and devotion to students and the university.

Personal Life

John Bushman was a highly successful movie star during the silent era and well-known for his wealth and lifestyle – living on an expansive 280-acre (115-hectare) estate.

His career was marked by roles that ranged from dramatic to comedic, earning him the title “The Great American Actor.” As one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, he appeared in some iconic films of its era.

He was renowned for his innovative use of technology, particularly the high-tech camera he used to shoot movies. Additionally, he is believed to be the first actor ever to appear in a commercial. Unfortunately, MGM blacklisted him after alleging he offended Louis B. Mayer; additionally, he divorced corespondent Beverly Bayne in 1928 after becoming divorced.

Net Worth

John Buschman boasts a net worth of $350 million as CEO of Insignia/ESG & Buschman Partners, a commercial real estate firm with headquarters in Saddle Brook, New Jersey and offices throughout Central and Southern New Jersey. With over 35 years in the industry, John has amassed considerable wealth through investments in real estate properties. Many of his clients own multi-million dollar properties such as office buildings or industrial complexes; making him an admired figure within his peers and clients alike.

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