John Butchko

John Butchko – A Brief Overview of His Career, Accomplishments, and Honors

Whether you’ve heard of the legendary actor John Butchko or not, there’s a good chance you’re at least familiar with his name. If you’re not, here’s a brief overview of his career, accomplishments, and honors. Then, you can read about his personal life, including his family, education, and net worth.

Early Life and Education

Major General Michael John Butchko was born on January 9, 1940 in Moundsville, West Virginia. He is a US Air Force veteran and a former Man of Honor. He passed away on December 5, 2018.

His family has asked for donations to the American Red Cross of Deep East Texas. After his funeral, his remains will be interred at Sunset Memorial Park. A reception will follow.

Butchko had a long and distinguished career in the Air Force. As a pilot, he flew a total of 42 different aircraft. During his service, he also served as the commander of the Air Force Weapons Development Center. He was the leader in the development of the F-15E Strike Eagle Fighter.

He stepped away from the Air Force in 1993. In his civilian life, he was a renowned leader in Nacogdoches. When the city lost its Red Cross office, he led an effort to reopen the office. Afterwards, he became very active in the community.

Professional Career

It’s no secret that John Butchko is an ardent Jets fan, but he has also made a name for himself as a Nurse Practitioner. His expertise in evidence based medicine has earned him a reputation for providing preventative care to diverse patients. He completed a clinical preceptorship at All Care Medical Clinic in El Monte, CA. In the next few years, he’ll return to Wilkes University to earn a master’s degree.

Aside from watching Jets games on TV, Butchko has always had a love for outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding. He has a ceramics studio and enjoys taking advantage of the city’s great outdoor venues.

Butchko isn’t the only New York Jets fan to make it on to the big stage. In fact, the sultry heiress Jeannie Shumar is a former Jets player herself. As a result, she has become an integral part of the team’s success.

Achievements and Honors

The Achievements and Honors of John Butchko include his many career accomplishments in the field of healthcare. He is a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in care for adult and gerontological patients. From a Bachelor of Arts degree in nursing at Wilkes University to his current position as a Registered Nurse with the Wyoming Valley Sewer Authority, Butchko has demonstrated that he is a versatile and dedicated professional.

Butchko is also a member of the American Legion Post 644 in Swoyersville. He was named Councilman of the Year in 2005. His career has spanned over thirty years. In that time, he has worked in primary care, emergency department, and as an Emergency Department Registered Nurse. Besides the obvious duties of a registered nurse, Butchko has served in politics and been a member of Holy Trinity Church in Swoyersville.

Personal Life

During his career, John Butchko worked as a RC-135 Strategic Reconnaissance Aircraft pilot. This aircraft was a vital tool in the U.S. defense during the Vietnam War. However, after retiring from the Air Force, he became involved with community affairs. In fact, he even served on the Nacogdoches Airport Commission and Senior Citizen Center Board.

He also served as a member of the American Legion Post 644, Swoyersville. Eventually, he became a councilman for the city of Swoyersville.

His career in the US Air Force was distinguished. Throughout his time in the military, he had the opportunity to lead many projects and to fly 42 different aircraft. Additionally, he was also instrumental in the development of the F-15E Strike Eagle Fighter.

After retiring from the Air Force, he became the President and CEO of a $440 million company that is responsible for the operation of the Nevada National Security Site. The site is located north of Las Vegas, Nevada, and is the size of Rhode Island. It is considered to be one of the nation’s leading research and innovation projects.

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