John Cordier

John Cordier – Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur

John Cordier is a computer scientist and entrepreneur who has been involved in numerous projects to help improve community health. He has a background in both biology and sociology.

He is the CEO of Epistemix, a South Side data modeling company that makes a platform that simulates different work habits and risks based on vaccination levels in communities. It helps companies implement new flexible safety policies or remote work options based on the vaccination and case levels in a given location.

Early Life and Education

John Cordier was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, and earned both his BS and BA degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. He then pursued a career in professional soccer.

He is a third-year graduate student in the School of Public Health. He is also a founder of a startup that uses FRED technology to improve public health, city resilience and social wellness.

He co-founded Epistemix with Don Burke, dean of Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health, and John Grefenstette, a computer scientist and biostatistician at Pitt, to commercialize the FRED platform. By applying modeling and simulation to policy decisions, they hope to better identify the fastest paths to a just world.

Professional Career

John Cordier combines his love of science, technology and business to help address health disparities. He is the founder and CEO of Epistemix Inc., a startup that uses FRED technology to improve public health and city resilience through modeling and simulation.

The company has a staff of 15 and is working on 20 projects, including infectious disease modeling for Colombia and India. It is also working with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to simulate opioid epidemics in the U.S.

While in graduate school, John founded a nonprofit to improve community health. He was also a co-founder and advisory consultant for a startup that addresses local health disparities.

Achievements and Honors

john cordier earned a promotion to the Major Leagues in 2014 and became the first Door County native to reach the big time. He pitched seven relief appearances for the San Francisco Giants, and he was a key part of the team’s run to the World Series.

He is a mechanical engineering alumnus and has received many honors for his accomplishments. He was also a member of the Purdue President’s Council and served on the Mechanical Engineering Industrial Advisory Council.

Personal Life

A renowned options trading expert with a high school diploma, john cordier was not afraid to take risks. He started his own company, Liberty Trading, in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and quickly grew his client base and name recognition.

He later moved his business to downtown Tampa, where he opened an office in SunTrust Financial Center overlooking Port Tampa Bay and the Channel District. Aside from trading, he also co-authored a book about options trading, The Complete Guide to Option Selling.

The book was a hit and he became well-known in the investment world. He was a regular on CNBC and quoted in many newspapers. He also had a reputation for being a good friend to clients.

Net Worth

As a professional Mineralogist, he has earned a net worth of $1-5 Million. He keeps his personal and love life private.

He has an estimated age of 58 years old.

Cordier is a Belgian businessman who is known for his success in the world of minerals.

He also co-founded Epistemix Inc, a company that uses FRED technology to improve public health, city resilience and social wellness through modeling and simulation.

As a result of his trading, Cordier and his firm, OptionSellers, lost most of their clients’ money, though their accounts with FCStone, a major commodities firm, are still intact. Former clients are filing lawsuits to reclaim the money. They are suing for a return of their assets and for compensation for losses.

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