John Coster

John Coster

John Coster is an internationally renowned nuclear archaeologist, author and photographer. His work has played a vital role in creating an extensive public archive documenting the development of nuclear bombs.

He is the author of Atom Bombs: The Top Secret Inside Story of Little Boy and Fat Man, as well as serving as advisor to both The National Atomic Museum and The Children of the Manhattan Project Preservation Association.

Early Life and Education

John Coster was born and raised in New York City, where his large family resided at 103 East 71st Street.

He was born into a wealthy family and an active member of both the Union Club and New York Society of Engineers.

After graduating college, he went on to work at the New York Times and other newspapers. Later, he became a businessman and owned numerous companies.

He was also a photographer, possessing an impressive collection of images. A renowned artist in his day, he passed away in 1988 at sixty-two years old.

Professional Career

John Coster is an accomplished health care and government affairs veteran with deep expertise in state and federal healthcare programs and regulatory matters. Currently serving as Vice President for Federal Affairs and Public Policy at Rite Aid Corporation, his expertise continues to be put to good use.

He previously served as vice president, policy & programs at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS), as well as a professional staff member of the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging. While at NACDS, he worked to draft Medicaid pharmaceutical rebate provisions included in both Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act and Veterans Health Care Act of 1992.

He is a registered lobbyist and foreign agent, having represented various health care industry clients such as pharmacy benefit managers and insurers, retail drug stores, community pharmacies, and medical device companies.

Achievements and Honors

John Coster is an accomplished legal professional with expertise in complex commercial litigation, securities law and regulatory enforcement in the US, Australia and the UK. His most remarkable accomplishment was successfully defending several high-profile cases before the Australian federal courts of appeals and New Zealand Supreme Court. On the academic front, he has achieved several notable publications and was a finalist in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators competition. Additionally, he is proud to be part of St. John’s University Law School Class of 2015 and looks forward to an illustrious career in law. However, managing his busy family life while maintaining a successful law firm can prove daunting at times.

Personal Life

John Coster-Waldau has a longstanding struggle with alcoholism. As an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous, he has maintained sobriety for an extensive period of time.

He has an avid interest in atomic bombs and has dedicated years to researching them. In fact, he created replicas of the Little Boy and Fat Man bombs used during World War II.

He is currently starring in the television series New Amsterdam, a dramatic story about change and immortality that will premiere on Fox.

Net Worth

Costner is an actor and director renowned for his roles in numerous blockbuster films. He has received multiple awards and nominations throughout the years.

Costner is estimated to have a net worth of $250 million. His primary sources of income come from acting, but he also works as a producer and film director.

He has starred in several films, such as Hatfields & McCoys and A Perfect World. Additionally, he directed the western Open Range which earned critical acclaim and proved a commercial success.

He has starred in Paramount Network’s original drama series Yellowstone since 2018. The show follows John Dutton (Costner), who owns and operates a large ranch adjacent to Yellowstone National Park.

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