John DeCarrier

Profile of John DeCarrier, McDonald’s Franchise Owner/Operator

john decarrier is a Chicago-area restaurant franchise owner/operator. He owns ten McDonald’s restaurants in the Chicago area and employs over 600 people.

He is a longtime supporter of Erie Neighborhood House, including several years on the board and volunteering as a youth mentor. He and his wife, Carmen, established a charitable foundation in their daughter’s name to help families who need it.

Early Life and Education

John DeCarrier was raised in a lower-income family. He began working at McDonald’s as a crew member in high school and quickly rose to a leadership role with the company.

He and his wife, Carmen, have owned nine McDonald’s franchises in the Chicago area. They speak fluent Spanish and are committed to serving the community through various nonprofit organizations.

He is a strong supporter of educational opportunities for children, and has volunteered with Erie House as a youth mentor for many years. He has also partnered with Erie House on numerous fundraisers and events. His work has been recognized by Erie Neighborhood House as the recipient of the Champion of Change award. In addition, he and his wife have helped fund Erie House programs through their family foundation, the Mia De Carrier Charitable Trust.

Professional Career

John De Carrier is not your run-of-the-mill corporate exec. Instead, he is the owner of a whopping ten McDonald’s locations in the greater Chicago area. Not only is he the man for the best burger in town, but he is also a big supporter of Erie Neighborhood House’s award winning programming in education, health and the arts. In his spare time, he is a self-described techie whose interest in the latest and greatest in robotics and artificial intelligence has led to some interesting tinkering on his part. He is also an avid golfer and a dab hand at feng shui.

Achievements and Honors

John DeCarrier is no stranger to the McDonald’s fold, where he has amassed more than 30 years of industry experience. He has also been a major player in the philanthropic world, having donated to worthy causes such as Erie Neighborhood House’s Tutoring to Educate on Aims and Motivation (TEAM) program. One of the most impressive aspects of DeCarrier’s oeuvre is his ability to attract top talent from across the country and around the world, resulting in the highest employee retention rates among the nation’s largest fast food franchisees.

Personal Life

John De Carrier is a very social person who loves to help others. He and his wife, Carmen, are involved in several nonprofit organizations that provide support to the less fortunate, including Erie Neighborhood House. They’ve been a long-time board member of the organization, and have helped with numerous events and fundraisers. He also volunteers as a youth mentor.

He has a daughter with autism, and he and his wife are passionate about supporting families that have children with special needs. In addition, he speaks fluent Spanish and is very concerned about lower-income Latino families. He and his family have established a charitable fund in their names to assist with the cost of education for kids with special needs. He’s a big fan of Erie’s TEAM program and is committed to helping young people achieve success in school.

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