John Decausemaker

John Decausemaker – The Man Who Sings the Minnesota Wild National Anthem

The Minnesota Wild’s national anthem is one of the first things Wild fans hear at their hockey games. The man who sings it, John deCausemaker, has a story to tell. In this interview, he talks with Minnesota Now host Cathy Wurzer about his career and life.

The anthem is an octave and a half, which can be tricky to play.

Professional Career

As a professional, John Decausemaker has spent most of his career working in the technology sector. He has been an early adopter of DevOps and has led a number of teams that have become key contributors to help organizations accelerate their business objectives. He has also been involved with the community by organizing tech events and donating to Open Source projects. He also has taught a number of children from the Kids on Campus program at RIT where he helped them build the skills they needed to succeed in science. He is currently a vice president of Devops and Digital Practices at SJ Technologies.

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