John Domitrovich

John Domitrovich

John Domitrovich was a beloved husband, son, brother-in-law, uncle, cousin, godfather and friend to many. His beloved mother Geraldine Mae Domitrovich; siblings Walter “Moonie”, Frank (Lorna), MaryAnn “Mae”, Anthony (Ginger) and Laura “Buffy” Hower; as well as many other family members and friends will miss him deeply.

Judge Domitrovich of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (“LECOM”) and Attorney Aaron Susmarski (“Designated Appellants”) appealed an Administrative Order issued by President Judge Trucilla of the Court of Common Pleas of Erie County. Specifically, they argued that this Administrative Order constituted an illegal ex parte adjudication under the Code of Judicial Conduct against another judge without a hearing.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood is an incredibly formative time in a child’s brain development, making it the most crucial period to lay the foundations and skills that will last throughout life. They learn essential social-emotional and cognitive abilities such as self-regulation, positive self-belief and confidence in themselves, plus form the basis of their perception of the world and moral outlook.

These formative years lay the foundations for education, economic productivity, responsible citizenship, lifelong health and strong communities. According to OECD and UNESCO, quality early childhood care and education is a crucial indicator of national health and development – an investment in our future selves.

Professional Career

John Domitrovich was a renowned master millwright and beloved member of his community in his day. He had an affinity for all things mechanical, particularly cars and sports.

Domitrovich enjoyed riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, much to the envy of many local riders. When not working, he enjoyed traveling and spending quality family time with his wife and daughter.

Domitrovich was an absolute professional when it came to his work. As the creator and administrator of Clarion University of Pennsylvania’s internship and mentoring program, his responsibilities included managing its budget, staffing it properly and communicating with college deans and administrators. Domitrovich earned himself a coveted National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) certified career coach certificate as well.

Achievements and Honors

John Domitrovich was a proud Aliquippa resident, working as a millwright and dedicated member of St. Titus Catholic Church. He had an affinity for travel, especially foreign destinations; his favorite city being Hong Kong where he lived several years before moving onto Singapore and Malaysia where he met many wonderful people along the way. Aside from his enthusiasm for exploring, John also had a big heart and great sense of humor which will be missed by his loving wife Barbara Ann of nearly 60 years, son Robert (Melissa) and grandson John plus many friends and colleagues around town.

Personal Life

John was born on April 3 1948 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania to Geraldine Mae (Hanshew) Domitrovich and Walter F. “Butsy” Domitrovich. For many years he was an active churchgoer and millwright by trade; he also enjoyed deer hunting, gardening and woodworking as hobbies.

He loved playing music and performing in plays. He and his wife Christine Ford raised a family in Missoula, Montana where he and Christine Ford were active members of several community organizations. Married since 1975, he will be greatly missed by his mother and dog Laddie; siblings Walter “Moonie” Domitrovich, Frank Domitrovich, MaryAnn “Mae” Barlow, Anthony “Ginger” Domitrovich and Laura “Buffy” Hower; sister-in-law Rosalia “Bunny” Flaherty; along with many people touched by his kindness and generosity over the years.

Net Worth

John Domitrovich has an estimated net worth of $4 million. He worked as a millwright for many years at HH Robertson/Centria and J&L Structural, leaving behind family members and friends who will miss him dearly. John was the son of Geraldine Mae (Hanshew) Domitrovich and Walter F. “Butsy” Domitrovich; a faithful member of St. Titus Catholic Parish and served his country in the US Marine Corps during Vietnam War. Survived by his mother, sister-in-law, dog as well as nieces/nieces; domitrovich has touched many lives throughout life with his kindness and generosity which will be greatly missed by those he leaves behind.

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