John Donham

John Donham, CEO of TuneIn Radio

John Donham has been employed in the video game industry since 2003, working for companies like Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts.

John is currently the General Manager of Game Growth at Amazon, having previously worked at game developer Activision Blizzard. Additionally, he served as Chief of Staff and VP of Special Projects at Playdom/Disney Interactive.

Early Life and Education

John Donham arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1850 to practice medicine. He quickly gained a reputation for his integrity and Christian commitment as well as his interest in civic challenges.

Growing up in the South, Donham had to grapple with racism and social mores of Jim Crow society. She became an avid reader after her parents divorced when she was thirteen; especially after reading novels that dealt with race relations.

Donham was a young woman when she married a white man and had two children. Despite her mistakes, Donham remained loyal to her family and friends. Additionally, she took pride in running her hair salon business while reading voraciously. Additionally, she belongs to several local and national organizations.

Professional Career

John Donham, CEO of TuneIn Radio, has an impressive entrepreneurial legacy. He’s held multiple executive roles within the technology industry such as Sony and Playdom/Disney Interactive.

Though he became interested in computer technology at an early age, he ultimately chose something more personal and impactful for his career. That led him to his current position at TuneIn – an online music streaming service that strives to connect listeners around the world with their favorite music.

Bonham began playing drums at the tender age of five in Redditch, Worcestershire and soon after joined local bands before joining Led Zeppelin in 1968. While with them he recorded classic tracks such as “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” and “Moby Dick,” expanding his drum set with congas and timpani.

Achievements and Honors

John Donham lived up to his role as an entrepreneur and mentor throughout his life. He developed his father’s space utilization company, Equipto, into a global manufacturing enterprise with roots in the community he loved.

Donham’s dedication to education inspired the establishment of the Dunham Foundation in 1996 with a mission to make the world a safer, more comfortable place for everyone to live and prosper. The Foundation upholds Donham’s legacy of creating healthy communities by funding organizations working toward this end.

He was honored by the University of Kentucky Libraries for his achievements in science, literature and art with the John Donham Medallion. This prestigious award is given to Kentucky residents who have made noteworthy contributions in science, literature or art as well as demonstrated philanthropic fervor.

Personal Life

John Donham is the CEO of TuneIn, a company providing live radio to millions of people. He previously held leadership roles at game developer Activision Blizzard as chief of staff and VP of Special Projects. Additionally, John has held executive positions at Metaplace, Playdom/Disney Interactive, and Sony Online Entertainment.

Donham’s book, ‘I Am More Than A Wolf Whistle,’ recounts her role in the 1955 kidnapping and murder of Emmett Till. She claims she drove around Money searching for him, eventually identifying him when he was taken from his bed, dragged, and tortured to death.

Net Worth

Dunham boasts a net worth of $140 million. He is one of the highest-paid comedians worldwide and an accomplished ventriloquist.

He has appeared on multiple television shows and is a renowned ventriloquist who has made an immense impact on the art form of ventriloquism. By reintroducing it to audiences nationwide, he is considered a leading expert within its field.

He currently resides in North Platte, Nebraska with his wife and children. At 67 years old, he has lived here for 11-15 years.

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