John Guydo

John Guydo – New York City Based Illustrator

John Guydo is a New York City-based illustrator who crafts intricate illustrations using pen and ink. His detailed artwork showcases intricate line work for stunning visuals.

His unique brush strokes enable him to capture minute details that inspire and excite viewers. He has collaborated with major brands such as Marvel, DC, Warner Brothers and LucasFilm on his work.

Professional Career

John Guydo is a New York-based illustrator known for his intricate pen and ink illustrations. He’s collaborated with major brands like Marvel, DC, Warner Bros and LucasFilm on notable releases that feature one-of-a kind brush strokes. Inspired by master engravers such as Gustave Dore and Albrecht Durer, John strives to create artwork which inspires others. On Tumblr and social media John shares insight into his process along with advice about taking time off from creative pursuits when needed and managing overwhelm in business life through giving artwork to people exactly the way you’d want them to receive it.

Achievements and Honors

John Guydo is a New York City-based artist renowned for his iconic movie posters redesigns. He’s been commissioned to create art for Marvel, DC, Warner Brothers and LucasFilm among many other prestigious brands. Additionally, John’s unique brush strokes allow him to craft intricate details with precision.

His attention to detail is evident in his artwork, and it has earned him a large social media following. His posters have been featured in multiple collections and sold out quickly. Some of his most impressive artworks can be viewed at Geneva College’s Student Gallery. Additionally, select illustrations are currently for sale on Nifty Gateway – an online marketplace where students can sell their art to others.

Personal Life

John Guydo is an artist who uses the traditional medium of pen and ink. He’s renowned for creating intricate drawings with unique brush strokes. His artwork has been licensed by major brands such as Marvel, DC, Warner Brothers, LucasFilm and more; many of his prints have been transformed into movie posters which sell out quickly after release.

John has amassed a massive following on Instagram and is an acclaimed artist. Additionally, he’s joined Nifty Gateway to offer his selected illustrations for sale. In this interview, John shares his journey back into drawing after taking some time away, his long-term project with poet David Herrstrom, and more! This interview is essential listening for anyone wanting to start selling their illustrations online.

Net Worth

John Guydo, a New York City-based illustrator, has amassed an adoring following on Instagram with his intricate artwork. His unique brush strokes create releases that inspire viewers with feelings of inspiration. He’s collaborated with Marvel, DC and Warner Brothers on poster prints which sold out quickly. Now some of his illustrations are being offered through Nifty Gateway at just $0.00!

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