John Haddy

John Haddy

John Hattie of New Zealand is in the Hall of Fame for education researchers. As director of Melbourne Education Research Institute and author of twelve books on Visible Learning – his initiative to improve classrooms using evidence-based practices – he stands as a cornerstone figure in this field.

Early Life and Education

John is a science teacher, author and researcher whose career has taken him across Australia, Canada, England, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Korea and the United States. In addition to publishing books and articles he also taught science classes at both university and high school levels.

His research has focused on the science of learning as well as designing and measuring classroom environments that promote student engagement and achievement. He has authored numerous scientific papers as well as eleven books, such as Captivate, Activate, and Invigorate the Student Brain in Science and Math Grades 6 – 12 (Corwin Press), From Snorkelers to Scuba Divers (Corwin Press), and Visible Learning for Science.

Professional Career

Haddy has dedicated 41 years to the University of Iowa football program, supporting it through both its successes and failures.

He has been a member of the CSC since 1971 and last year was honored with their Lifetime Achievement Award. Currently, he works as a special assistant at the University of Iowa.

His professional career has encompassed a diverse range of clients, from individuals to Fortune 500 Corporations. Additionally, he has extensive expertise working with federal, state and administrative courts.

Personal Life

John haddy was a loving family man and caring father, as well as an advocate for human rights. For 5 years he served as President of Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP representing clients in federal and state courts on commercial, environmental, and employment litigation cases. Additionally he worked as a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual providing life insurance to high net worth individuals. A member of St. George’s Syrian Orthodox Church and Mason, John is survived by his wife Josephine; sons John Haddy Jr and Robert Haddy; daughter Loretta; brothers Michael Rahall; Ethel; Louise; Ernest Bsharah; sisters Ethel; Louise; Ernest Bsharah

Net Worth

John Haddy is best known for his Emmy-award winning role as Woody Boyd on NBC’s Cheers. Additionally, he played a boxer in Tender Loving Care and contributed to several other projects.

He was an accomplished real estate developer, building market rental buildings in Toronto’s Regent Park and Erin Mills community in Mississauga. Additionally, his philanthropic contributions to the University of Toronto – particularly through their School of Architecture, Landscape & Design – were significant.

Over his career, he has amassed a net worth of more than 8.25 million dollars, most of which comes from real estate investments and stock ownership. He has sold thousands of units of NUE stock and currently owns over ten thousand shares of Nucor stock.

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