John Harabedian

John Harabedian

John Harabedian is an Investment Manager and Legal Counsel in Omni Bridgeway’s Los Angeles office. He focuses on financing solutions for corporate and law firm clients.

A former District Attorney in the City of Sierra Madre, John has been involved in numerous public service initiatives over the years. He is the President of the California Acupuncture Board and serves on the Immigration Resource Center Board of Directors.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Harabedian is an Associate Investment Manager and Legal Counsel in Omni Bridgeway’s Los Angeles office. His expertise lies in financing solutions for corporate and law firm clients – particularly sourcing, structuring, and funding single case and portfolio investments throughout the country.

He is also a former prosecutor in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, where he was tasked with leading the prosecution on several high-profile trials.

He has a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and an MBA from Oxford University. Currently, he serves as a Councilmember for the City of Sierra Madre and was twice elected Mayor (2014 and 2019). He is also a member of the San Gabriel Valley Acupuncture Board and Immigration Resource Center Board of Directors. He is an active member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and currently serves as a Region Vice Chair.

Achievements and Honors

john harabedian has done many great things throughout his life. He has made his mark as a lawyer and he is now the Mayor of Sierra Madre.

Harabedian also works as an associate investment manager and legal counsel for Omni Bridgeway. Prior to joining the company, he worked as a prosecutor for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Harabedian was born in Flemington, New Jersey. He is the youngest of three children. He has a sister named Jenny and a brother Zak.

Personal Life

John Harabedian is a politician, lawyer, and investor. He served as Councilmember of Sierra Madre, California from 2012 to 2020 and was twice elected Mayor (2014, 2019).

John is a Democrat and holds a Juris Doctor degree from Stanford Law School. He also earned a Master’s in Comparative Social Policy from Oxford University.

In addition to his professional career, John serves as a Board Member for the Immigration Resource Center of San Gabriel Valley and is a Region Vice Chair for the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

In her personal life, Kristen Harabedian is known as the wife of Major League Baseball player Trea Turner. She is also a former gymnast. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million as of 2022.

Net Worth

John Harabedian is an Investment Manager and Legal Counsel at Omni Bridgeway, where he is responsible for sourcing, structuring, and financing single case matters and portfolio investments for Omni’s corporate clients. He has particular expertise in funding cases for larger Fortune 500 companies on a stand-alone basis and as part of law firm portfolios.

Kristen Harabedian was born on May 1, 1992, in Flemington, New Jersey, and is 30 years old as of 2022. She is the daughter of John and Donna Homulak Harabedian, and has a brother named Zak.

She graduated from North Carolina State University in 2014, earning a bachelor’s degree in management and a full athletic scholarship. She also was a member of the university’s gymnastics team. She served as a camp counselor in college, but now works for Credit Suisse as a general Counsel business analyst.

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