John Kalix

John Kalix – CEO of SOC Telemed

John Kalix is the CEO of SOC Telemed, a leader in acute care telemedicine. With his diverse healthcare background – spanning across healthcare technology and physician groups – John is uniquely qualified to lead SOC Telemed.

SOC Telemed recently acquired Access Physicians, a multispecialty acute telemedicine provider, to establish itself as the largest pure-play player in the market. The acquisition was valued at an estimated $194 million in cash and stock with potential additional consideration based on performance.

Early Life and Education

Born November 1, 2000 in Calgary, AB to Tracy and John Langenau, Kalix developed into an outgoing, kind young man who loved camping and fishing. He also had a keen interest in hockey – particularly the goaltending position – which he took seriously.

He achieved great success in athletics, earning a place on many of Airdrie’s premier sports teams. At 14 years old, he found his calling as mentor and coach, inspiring countless youth athletes through Explosive Edge’s coaching programs. Out of generosity, he founded Kalix Legacy Fund to assist other local youth with similar aspirations. Despite his brief life on earth, he left behind an enduring legacy that will be sorely missed by many.

Professional Career

John Kalix has held several executive roles at various companies throughout his professional career. Most recently, he served as Chief Executive Officer of SOC Telemed, a company that provides telemedicine services to hospitals and acute care centers.

He has held various other roles, such as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at North American Partners in Anesthesia. With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, his knowledge is unsurpassed.

At SOC Telemed, he is responsible for ensuring the company has an experienced leadership team to meet growing demand for specialty telemedicine services. Furthermore, he oversees all aspects of business strategy and operations; reporting directly to board member Christopher Gallagher.

Achievements and Honors

John Kalix has extensive experience in the healthcare sector, having held executive roles at several prominent companies. His latest position is Chief Executive of SOC Telemed, a provider of acute care telemedicine headquartered in Reston, Virginia.

He has spearheaded numerous innovations at SOC Telemed, such as using technology to connect patients and providers. Drawing upon his knowledge of healthcare tech and business strategy, he will continue driving growth while improving service levels for customers. One recent initiative includes upgrading its telemedicine platform with cutting-edge technology; this upgrade will improve patient experiences and enable SOC Telemed to offer its services to more hospitals and regions around the world.

Personal Life

John was a loving son, big brother and an incredible friend. His passion for sports was also infectious.

He enjoyed playing soccer, t-ball and flag football with his friends; however, hockey was his true love. Starting as a goalie at the tender age of Tyke, he earned spots on some of Airdrie’s elite teams.

As he grew older, he decided to pursue his passion and become a coach. He joined the team at Explosive Edge Athletic Development where he inspired many young athletes.

Net Worth

John Kalix is the CEO of SOC Telemed, a provider of acute care telemedicine services. He joined the company in late July 2020 as president and was elevated to CEO after SOC Telemed’s merger with Healthcare Merger Corp was completed. Additionally, John serves as director on the board.

He has a net worth of $600 million, which he acquired through his professional career, investments and real estate. Additionally, he has held multiple leadership positions and is currently studying for his doctoral degree at Vrije University Amsterdam’s School of Business and Economics on family capital – its role in family governance, impact and wealth preservation. Furthermore, he serves on the boards of directors for several companies as a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant (inactive). Additionally, his current portfolio includes various private equity and real estate investment funds.

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